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    Good afternoon!

    As is developed this bunch of scripts and in case that anybody is interested in:
    Here are custom logging/Monitoring Webpages for Tomato (mine is shibby mod).

    syslog.jpg ipt.jpg temp.jpg

    Currently supported:
    Syslog Webpage ("Custom_" prefix e.g. set for adblock script, Dnsmasq, syslog-ng)
    IPTables (WAN IPv6, TCP, UDP, DMZ (br1))
    Temp/CPU load/Memory usage

    Needed for:
    *syslog-ng (to Redirect log Output for iptables and dnsmasq)

    I will attach my syslog-ng.conf (can be installed via Opt/Entware

    For running perl based cgi files you will Need:
    opkg install coreutils \
    coreutils-timeout \
    findutils \
    ldconfig \
    libart \
    libbz2 \
    libc \
    libfreetype \
    libgcc \
    libncurses \
    libol \
    libpcap \
    libpng \
    libpthread \
    librrd \
    librt \
    libstdcpp \
    perl \
    perlbase-autoloader \
    perlbase-base \
    perlbase-file \
    perlbase-cgi \
    perlbase-config \
    perlbase-essential \
    perlbase-getopt \
    perlbase-cwd \
    rrdtool \
    syslog-ng \
    terminfo \
    uclibc-opt \
    For rrd databases (storing the temp/mem/cpu load Infos) run the in
    !Attention! My path for all custom scripts/rrdfiles is /mnt/DATA/scripts

    For collecting data i created These sheduled Tasks (included in
    sh /mnt/DATA/scripts/rrd/
    sh /mnt/DATA/scripts/rrd/
    sh /mnt/DATA/scripts/rrd/ eth2
    !Attention! specify on the wifi Interface that is currently online. eth1 or eth2 for 5Ghz. Tested only on RT/AC66/68U

    Last: the cgi files itself in
    You can edit them and Change the <title>[Primary]... info if you want to
    I stored them in /mnt/DATA/WWW/monitoring and created a start up script (under Administration):
    Note: There might be issues with iptables page to properly Display entries.
    I attached a second ipt2.js you can try

    #Monitoring WWW Link
    rm /tmp/var/wwwext/cgi-bin -R
    ln -s /mnt/DATA/www/monitoring /tmp/var/wwwext/cgi-bin
    after install the pages can be accessed by: http://routerip/ext/cgi-bin/syslog.cgi e.g.

    If anybody is interested i can create a more detailed HowTo/manuel. This was intended just for share.
    Any Input is appreciated!

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