Custom reconnect script under scheduler

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by mecha50, Nov 30, 2008.

  1. mecha50

    mecha50 Network Guru Member

    Hello everyone,

    Need help about a custom reconnect script under scheduler option.

    Let me give you a little bit of background. My DSL provider has this option called SOD or "Speed on Demand" wherein between 10PM to 10AM you DSL speed will have a speed boost.

    For example, I'm subscribed to their 1.2mbps plan and when using their SOD I get 1.5mbps. Now in order for me to use their SOD option, I need to put "@sod" after the username on the PPPoE connection.

    So between 10:01AM to 9:59PM, I need to use standard username and between 10PM to 9:59AM, I need to include "@sod" on the username to use the "Speed on Demand" option.

    Can this be implemented with a script? connect using a standard username then automatically reconnect at 10PM with a new username (with @sod) then reconnect again at around 10AM with a standard username again.
  2. agentsky1919

    agentsky1919 LI Guru Member

    Simple just put @sod in your username, eventhough it is not SOD time it will still connect. I used that settings in mine. Every 10PM auto reconnect.
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