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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Nitin Vaid, Jun 23, 2017.

  1. Nitin Vaid

    Nitin Vaid Reformed Router Member

    Hello everyone i am using tomato firmware"[Fork] Tomato by Shibby, compiled by @kille72" version on my R7000 Firmware
    Is there any custom script by which i can turn of the wifi only for 2.4ghz via one of the two avaliable buttons on R7000?
  2. rs232

    rs232 Network Guru Member

    to disable 2.4

    root@router# nvram set wl0_radio=0
    root@router# service radio restart
    to enable 2.4

    root@router# nvram set wl0_radio=1
    root@router# service radio restart
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  3. Nitin Vaid

    Nitin Vaid Reformed Router Member

    thanks will it disable the wifi light too of 2.4 one?
  4. Nitin Vaid

    Nitin Vaid Reformed Router Member

    And can we limit the bandwidth of selected connected device IP Timely? is it possible?
  5. rs232

    rs232 Network Guru Member

    I don't know about the light but I would expect so. If you use the button try this associated the button script to this:

    if [ `nvram get wl0_radio` -eq 1 ]; then nvram set wl0_radio=0; else nvram set wl0_radio=1; fi && se
    rvice radio restart
    it will toggle on/off the 2.4 only.

    You can limit the bandwidth indeed, but I would appreciate if you try yourself and then post here where you get stuck (e.g. do the homework). thanks
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  6. Nitin Vaid

    Nitin Vaid Reformed Router Member

    i have already limit the bandwidth but i was asking if it is possible timely like at night auto turn on the limit and in morning disable it
  7. rs232

    rs232 Network Guru Member

    I understood your question the answer still the same. If you want a tip on how to go and try yourself:

    with QoS enabled look at the output of
    nvram show | grep qos
    then disable and re-run the same command. Use diff to spot the differences.
    Once you have identified what variable enables/disables QoS you need to set/unset this in the scheduler and restart the service as I posted above for radio.
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  8. Nitin Vaid

    Nitin Vaid Reformed Router Member

    ill check it i dont understand QOS that much but still ill try
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  9. RogueScholar

    RogueScholar Serious Server Member

    Hey Serial, I hope it's not out-of-place for a far more junior member of the forum like myself to make this observation, but you really handled this inquiry in the best tradition of peer support (at least as I perceive it). It seems so often these sorts of interactions trend needlessly towards the extremes: either the more knowledgeable folk bend over backwards to help and the inexperienced become entitled, or the wise get tired of being abused as a resource and become withdrawn/salty and the influx of new voices slows to a trickle as they perceive a minimum set of qualifications for understanding that they don't possess. It was really enjoyable seeing you demonstrate that there is a middle ground to be had between them with rewards for all concerned.

    Again, I hope this isn't out of place since we're not well-acquainted, I just like to recognize excellence when I encounter it as much as possible.

    P.S. When I saw the thread topic I instantly thought of Koitsu and his passion for topics like these, complete with well-documented samples and an insistence on using the best available commands and operators for a given task. I miss his contributions here but have also enjoyed seeing others step up to field inquiries in their own style as was seen here.
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  10. rs232

    rs232 Network Guru Member

    Thank you, we've all been junior of course. I suppose I did feel myself the lack of support/mentoring as you very well described in your post when I crossed that bridge. That middle gound missing was very frustrating so helping out today comes natural.

    Thanks again for the kind words, they mean a lot to me.
  11. AshadN

    AshadN New Member Member

    Hello; I am using tomatoUsb by shibby on my Asus RT-N66u.

    I want my router 2.4g wireless adapter(eth1) to change mac address randomly every day at 5:00AM, I just found that i can do that with the help of scheduler if i have a script.

    Can someone please help me with the script? I would be very gratefull, thanks in advance.
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