Custom WVC54G/WVC11B Firmware

Discussion in 'Other Firmware Projects' started by roger, Jan 10, 2005.

  1. roger

    roger Network Guru Member

    Looking around and I find no projects for custom firmware builds of the wvc54g (I have) and the wvc11b.

    Further looking into the wvc54g source tarball and I find no html frontend pages in the source.

    Is this normal for Linksys GPL Firmware releases?

    How does one go about obtaining the html frontend pages in order to build their own firmware? (ie. strip the html pages from official firmware release & hope you got everything?)
  2. roger

    roger Network Guru Member

    Ah, found them in a previous release of the firmware.

    wvc54g_v2005.tgz contains the "*htm" pages.

    wvc54g_v2007.tgz does not contain "*htm" pages!

    What is odd & scary, these two firmware source tarballs diff in size by about 3 MB!

    $ ls -alh wvc*
    -rw-r--r-- 1 roger roger 31M Jan 10 14:52 wvc54g_v2005.tgz
    -rw-r--r-- 1 roger roger 28M Jan 9 00:03 wvc54g_v2007.tgz
  3. SimonMackay

    SimonMackay Network Guru Member

    UPnP Digital Security Camera DCP

    Crosspost from "Other Linksys Devices"

    Hi all!

    A good issue that may be worth raising regarding the Linksys WVC-54G, especially the camera uses open-source firmware, is the integration of the UPnP Digital Security Camera DCP. The standard is available for download at . By building this in to a revision of the camera's firmware, you could be able to establish a standard method of programatically controlling this camera. The camera may have basic UPnP discovery and presentation-page requirements but could go a long way towards being managed by software running on PCs or NAS boxes.

    With regards,

    Simon Mackay
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