D-Link 2100AP & WRT54GS

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Dolen, Jul 25, 2005.

  1. Dolen

    Dolen Network Guru Member

    I have a 2100AP configured as Client against wireless ISP.
    The WAN port on the 2100 goes to my WRT54GS. I could access Internet for a while, with both wireless PC's and PC's connected to the LAN-ports.

    I can only access Internett directly through the 2100AP.
    I've tried resetting the54GS several times, but it cant get any IP from my ISP. Tried upgrading the firmware, and I am now using the latest DD-WRT.
    Originally, I also had a WRT54G wired to one of the LAN-ports on the 54GS as an xtra AP in the house.

    Somebody who can help me out?

  2. dotinfo

    dotinfo Network Guru Member

    So does the 2100AP have a DHCP server? If not, then your ISP has probably found out you were getting more than one ip and thus disallowing your other computers to get an IP address. If it DOES have a DHCP server make sure the one on your WRT54G is off. So to sum it up.

    DHCP assigning ip addresses from 2100AP then:
    1.) Turn off DHCP on the WRT54GS
    2.) Try a hub or switch in place of the WRT54GS because thats all its acting as.
    3.) If you are using Wireless on the 54GS too, set wireless channels to different channels. Try 1 and 11.

    DHCP assinging ip addresses from 2100AP off, then
    1.) set static IP for WRT54GS. Set gateway for WRT54GS as IP of the 2100AP and if DD-WRT is anything like sveasoft alchemy or talisman then you should be able to set static ips for your local computers.

    See if this helps. More information would be good. A diagram and some settings would be nice.
  3. Dolen

    Dolen Network Guru Member

    DLink 2100AP & WRT54GS

    Thanks for your answer!
    I've tried both your solutions, but none worked.
    I plugged in a hub instead, and then I had internet connection...
    The setup is like this:

    ISP> <2100AP in client mode>WANport on WRT54GS

    Usually I have a wired connection from one Lanport on the 54GS, to a WRT54G on the second floor + one lanport directly to one PC.
    I also have 2-3 PC' with wireless connection to both accesspoints, depending on who had the strongest signal.
    I have a password/username from the ISP, which I had to use in the cases when I got a Nomadix logon screen.(changed from 900AP to 2100AP)
    Guess changing the MAC addresses requires this login.

    At present, I have the 2100AP running DHCP from
    2100AP has an IP of
    WRT54GS which I use as Gateway IP on PC's

    Firmware DD-WRT Prefinal5 in the 54GS
    Clone MAC address is on, DHCP off, all subnets are

    To get on the net, I'm now only using a hub connected to the 2100AP, but I would like to get this working, as I want to use some of the security options in the WRT products....

    In a few weeks, My ISP will change to ADSL, but that means I can use the 2100 as a repeater in the building later...
    Yhe ISP will provide the ADSL modem, (which I guess will be Linksys, told they have stopped using DLink, which I have worked with since 1990....and still don't like to much...)

    Which other settings do you need?

  4. Dolen

    Dolen Network Guru Member

    Dlink 2100AP & WRT54GS

    Forgot to say that the ISP and 2100AP uses channel 1.
    All inhouse boxes uses ch 11!
  5. TazUk

    TazUk Network Guru Member

    Re: DLink 2100AP & WRT54GS

    What MAC address are you cloning and why?
  6. Dolen

    Dolen Network Guru Member

    Dlink 2100AP and WRT54GS

    Hmm , the firmware in the 54GS shows two MAC's, one for the computer I'm using, and one for the 54GS wireless .

    Thought this should be enabled ...

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