daisy chain routers to make 3 subnets

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by itdaddy69, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. itdaddy69

    itdaddy69 Network Guru Member

    Help gurus; ok here is my setup;

    i have 6 PCs.
    I have 3 wirless G 4 port lan routers.

    i wanted to created 3 subnets

    to each router i have coming out the lan ports
    to 2 PCs one is a Server and other client.

    for each subnet i have 2 Computers hooked to lan ports.

    the subnets work great and i have internet access to each.
    i had to configure 4.1 that is connected to the modem coming in
    as a gateway, and then 3.1 as router, and 2.1 as gateway in order
    for this daisy chaining to work and make separate subnets and
    also have port 80 Interenet access.

    My problem...

    from 2.1 i can ping 4.1 and 3.1 and of course 2.1
    from 3.1 i can ping only 3.1 and 4.1 not 2.1
    from 4.1 i can ping on 4.1 and not 2.1 and 3.1

    What I want:

    I want to be able to ping "all" 3.x, 4.x, and 2.x from any of my three
    subnets just like i can from 2.x subnet. but it doesnt seethem?
    it has to be in the routers or my cabling technique? help!

    thanks so much; directions or advice or point me in the direction
    i dont know how? thank dudes!

  2. Guyfromhe

    Guyfromhe Network Guru Member

    thats a pretty nasty setup, why are you doing this?
    how do you have the routers connected together?
  3. itdaddy69

    itdaddy69 Network Guru Member

    why hooked routurs that way

    nasty? How else do you make 3 separate subnets.
    i want two PCs per subnet and to be able to access all three.
    it is the same as a typical system at say a credit union.
    dont routers talk to router????if you know how to set them up
    can you help me. how else would you connect them to have
    web access and to be behind a firewall.
    and to beable to ping each other from each other. full access
    2.1 can do that to all the routers and it is on the end of the daisy chain. plus Linksys recommend i do it this way. do you know of a way i can have what i want? thanks for replying.
  4. itdaddy69

    itdaddy69 Network Guru Member

    routers hook this way

    4.1 is connected with cable modem to uplink port
    4.1 connects to next router through lan0 port to
    3.1 uplink port
    3.1 lan0 port connects to 2.1 uplink port

    each router connects to 2 PCs via lan1 and lan2 ports
    3 routers
    6 Computers

    i want 3 subnets like i have at work to practice at home
    but i amjust learning.

    when i am at computer i can ping all address
    2.x, 3.x, and 4.x and then when i am at 3.2 i can only ping
    4.x nodes and when i am at 4.2 i can only ping 4.x nodes
    i want the same versitility as i have with 2.x ping cable access.
    does this make sense.
    thank you for responding.

  5. Guyfromhe

    Guyfromhe Network Guru Member

    no having 3 different internal subnets can get kind of nasty... for what reason do you need them all on different subnets?
    The system may firewall out bogons from the WAN or Internet interface...
    It could aslo be related to not having proper routes between interfaces... if you plug everything into the lan ports it will become one big switched network and won't require any complicated setup but that may defeat your purpose which you havn't stated what it is...

    now if you want to set this up as a routed network theres alot of things that need to be setup right for this to work, it's not a simple network setup...
    heres what you can tell me and i'll see if I can help you out...

    Internet interface IP/subnet/gateway on all 3 of the routers ( you can leave our your real internet ip but I need all the other ones)

    The lan ip of each router (unless the ip you provided is LAN ip... i'm not clear if it's the LAN or WAN ip you've provided...
  6. itdaddy69

    itdaddy69 Network Guru Member

    my scheme

    purpose: my work has 3 subnets specific to their branch of credit union. I want it just like work; 3 subnets and one domain of which
    i will do dcpromo later and and my dns setup of which is easy for me. this networking is the new stuff. but my ip scheme is such

    cable modem public ip
    1st router with public ip plugged in uplink port will be later statically assigned once up and running)all computers dhcp of their respect router; later once functioning i will make them static from within comuter config wizard.

    lan0 ----computer
    lan1 -----computer
    lan2 to the uplink(internet port) of 2nd router 3.1

    2nd router

    lan2 to the uplink(internet port) of router 3 (2.1)

    3rd router

    lan0 ---- computer
    lan1 ---computer

    6 computers
    3 routers
    3 subnets
    of the 2 computers in each subnet i make one computer a server
    and the other computer a client machine. just like at my work.
    so i can practice exact situation that arise at work; i can play at home and even break at home but fly at work! you understand my purpose. like my own private WAN in my house. is this possible?
    i have the wireless G 4 port routers with each having the extra uplink/internet port some call it. i thought i could make this happen.
    i want complet ip pinging just like i get from 2.1 in this scheme
    from ip 2.x i can ping all ips on this wan of mine 2.1, 3.1, and 4.1 but not from the other 2 3.1 and 4.1. they are limited and the 2.1 is the last in the the chain which is confusing for me. i have the firewalls shut off on 2.1 and 3.1 and left on in 4.1
    thanks buddy you are great of a person for even trying. tanx
  7. Guyfromhe

    Guyfromhe Network Guru Member

    ok I see what your trying to do...
    It's not the easiest thing in the world to setup properly but let me see if I can get you with something that'll work here...

    The reason it won't work is the way routing is setup on your network...
    your going to either need to make static routes or get RIP working, if your just starting i'd recomend using static routes...

    i'm still not completely clear on what IPs you have set from your diagram, I understand the physical wiring of it but not what you have configured....
    What will make it clearer for me is this:

    Router X:
    Internet IP: xx.xx.xx.xx
    Subnet: xx.xx.xx.xx
    Gateway: xx.xx.xx.xx

    LAN IP: xx.xx.xx.xx
    Subnet: xx.xx.xx.xx
    Gateway: xx.xx.xx.xx (if this shows up if not leave this out)

    Heres what you need to do:

    I am thinking this over again... so i'm gunna change my mind on what you should do... if this doesn't work provide me the info above and i'll see what i can figure...

    on router1: create a static route

    LAN IP:
    Gateway: (should be the WAN or uplink IP of router 2)
    IFace: LAN & Wireless

    and another:

    LAN IP:
    Gateway: (should be the WAN or uplink IP of router 2)
    IFace: LAN & Wireless

    What this does is tell the router any packets which have the IP of & should be passed to the WAN interface of router #2 (the connection point between router 1 & 2)

    If router2 has the machine on it's LAN (3.1) then it will pass the packets there, otherwise it won't know what to do with them which is why we need yet another static route

    on router 2:
    add this static route

    LAN IP:
    Gateway: (should be the WAN or uplink IP of router 3)
    IFace: LAN & Wireless

    that will tell router 2 if it gets packets for 192.168.2.* send them along to router3's WAN port wher it can be handled appropriately.

    The reason it works to all them from router3 is because:

    Box connected to router3 trys to ping

    router3 sees packet for this and doesn't know what to do with it so it sends it to it's default gateway...
    router2 also has no idea what to do with this packet so it send it to it's default gateway
    router1 says hey this packet is for me and everyone is happy...

    when router4 trys to ping 3.1 (which it has no idea exists) it sends it to it's default gateway which is the internet where it's dropped.

    same thing happens when 3.1 trys to ping 2.1...

    Hopefully this works, it's getting kind of late and I might look at this tomorrow and wonder what I was thinking, but i'm pretty sure thats how it goes :)
    give it a shot.
  8. Guyfromhe

    Guyfromhe Network Guru Member

    and the reason you can get the ping response just came to me... each router is NATting the packet as they leave the WAN interface as it was designed to so when it finally reaches 4.1 it's got a source IP of router2's WAN IP who knows what port router3 is on due to the ip state table it keeps for NAT... if your trying to emulate a real situation you will want to turn NAT off on the router which i believe you'll need 3rd party firmware for... but most liekly your work isn't NATTING any packets, you probably won't notice it but depnding what your doing with it.....
  9. itdaddy69

    itdaddy69 Network Guru Member

    Sounds good

    Hey guy

    i can never thank you enough for your time
    if you were local i would buy you a beer.

    http://www.petri.co.il/ this is your beer.
    it is a great site you migh already have it.
    plus here is a great sites for CBTs
    www.trainsignal.com my favorite for real world hands on
    i appreciat you time and effort even though we IT guys
    do it for the passion of IT butu getting things is nice too!
    I will tell you how it goes this weekend when i have time to do what you said; looks good though!
    thanks again!
  10. itdaddy69

    itdaddy69 Network Guru Member

    later project

    Hey guy
    just want to say i dont have time to try your config of routers
    for my subnet setup; not sure when i will have time.
    i am getting ready to try for this new job and it is taking all my time up right now. But as soon as i get time i am on that config you gave. me it is great. and will get back to you personally as to how it worked out. i am so nervous about this new job. but i am going to give all it got it has latitude; my present job has no latitude it only has longitude. but i think i can get this one.
    so wish me God Speed!
    thanks for you help hope those links were cool for you
    see you soon
  11. Guyfromhe

    Guyfromhe Network Guru Member

    good luck with your new job...
    I don't really get your latitude and longitude reference...
    Where are you applying and for what position?
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