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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by bluesman3145, Sep 22, 2005.

  1. bluesman3145

    bluesman3145 Network Guru Member

    I connected my Linksys Network Storage Link NSLU2 to my router, and connected my Western Digital external USB hard drive (with important data in tow) to the NSLU2. Apparently I was too smart for my own good and inadvertantly formatted the hard drive resulting in a complete loss of data - so it seems.

    I don't want to rehash the mistake I made but instead wish to find a solution to the problem. I have found many others online who have made the same mistake, but I have not seen much in the way of a solution.

    Does anyone know of a low-tech or low-cost solution for retrieving the data I seem to have lost? I contacted Linksys who explained the data was gone and there was "no way to retrieve it once formatted". If it were that easy I'm sure the pentagon would love the low-cost solution of permanantly deleting data offered by this simple device however, I suspect Linksys is not completely informed OR - are giving me their standard company answer.

    I have contacted the fine folks over at who seem to be very reliable, confident in their data recovery efforts, will not charge me if they cannot recover my data AND, if recovered, will charge me the best rate I could find of $379.

    Before I spend that however, I would like to hear any other solutions that might be available.
  2. JohnnyJigglez

    JohnnyJigglez Network Guru Member

    I accidently did the same thing you did... It was 5 am and I just had to get NTFS working on the NSLU2. I ended up accidently reformating my hard drive.

    Check out the above link and download a free version of the software... Wait for it to scan your hard drive, and then see if your files still exist. If shows most of your data intact, then its only 30 bucks to purchase a license. I did this. I couldn't find anything else out there that provided a comparable level of recoverability.

    Just make sure you run the trial and verify your data. Don't try to recover your files with the trial version as its handicapped.

    Remember, you need to install the hard drive in your PC internally.
    I also recommend placing all the files you recover onto ANOTHER drive during the recover process. Do not recover onto the tainted drive.
  3. bluesman3145

    bluesman3145 Network Guru Member

    Thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately (or fortunately - we shall see) after speaking with the guy at Gillware I ran down to the UPS store and mailed in my drive. I had not tried the software you suggested but previously tried EasyRecovery from OnTrack and one other I cannot recall the name of. After a long scan, neither of these could find any files. EasyRecovery did not give an option for scanning the correct format.

    Thanks again!
  4. JohnnyJigglez

    JohnnyJigglez Network Guru Member

    Well your data must have been "that" important! At least you know better now, and you can completely agree with me when I say that there is not adequate warning when using the format disk feature in the WUI.

    I hope they recover your data at the least cost.
  5. d__l

    d__l Network Guru Member

    I can not understand how anyone could misunderstand the message:

    The format operation will destroy any data on the disk !
    It should only be used on a newly-installed disk.

    just above the Format buttons. Other than putting the message in bright red and an "Are you sure?" pop up box (which it might have but it has been so long since I formated that I don't remember), I'm not sure what other warning they could do within the UI. What would you like to see?

    bluesman3145 admitted that he goofed big time and I sure hope he gets all his data recovered. Maybe he can comment on what would have been necessary to warn him away from a data destructive format of a drive.
  6. bluesman3145

    bluesman3145 Network Guru Member

    Well, I'm not really sure. Believe it or not, I'm very detail oriented and can hold my own technically so I can't imagine that I missed a warning as critical as a format procedure. Nevertheless, I did. I'm too lazy to go back through the installatioin process to see exactly what I missed but the damage is done so I'll live with it as others have done and will continue to do :drinking:

    Funny though. I work in the e-learning industry where thousands of healthcare professionals train on our system every day and, although not a very technically savvy group, miss the most obvious icons, warnings, and pop-ups every day. Guess this will teach me to give them a break...? Nah!!
  7. JohnnyJigglez

    JohnnyJigglez Network Guru Member

    You are correct in saying that is a pretty blatant message, but its the importance of the message that is missed. I believe the warning should appear in a popup window entirely:

    "Warning! If you click OK, this disk drive will be formatted using a proprietary file system. After which time, the drive will only be usable with NSLU2. All data will be lost at this time.

    Do you wish to continue with the procedure?"

    I know, that's just too much for their localization team...
  8. Mic-Re

    Mic-Re Network Guru Member

    It should be in blazing RED!

    The display of a vital warning in BLUE is a psychological ill choice!
    It should be in blazing RED and should blink!

    As a hint: Next time ... you should use "Partition Magic" to convert the format of a drive from one to another!

    Partition Magic is able to convert the format without a loss of data on the drive ... though a certain risk for the data can't be excluded!
    I think the money is better spend on a PM license than on a data recovery software or a recovery firm.

    I hope they are able to recover your data and won't charge you so much!

  9. Ypsos

    Ypsos Network Guru Member

    Recover data

    This is what I used for a friend of my Took the hard-drive out of the external USB case (save time when searching for lost files) placed on IDE cable direct in mine computer and run the software under windows
  10. Roze Albert

    Roze Albert Networkin' Nut Member

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  11. Roze Albert

    Roze Albert Networkin' Nut Member

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