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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by nuxie1, Jun 12, 2005.

  1. nuxie1

    nuxie1 Network Guru Member

    Firstly, apologies if this has been asked, or is in the wrong place.

    Is there anyway to monitor the usage by IP, MAC address or anything like that? I would like to see how much data is being used by each client basically.

    If the WRT54G cannot do this in some way, is it possible to use another computer connected somewhere to do this? I cant see how to do this without somehow bridging the WRT54G.. Actually maybe I can...... *thinks*

    Would be nice if there was something to put on the WRT54G to keep account of this sort of stuff though :)

  2. cyblet

    cyblet Network Guru Member

    It appears you need to do what I'm trying to do. Linksys essential dumbed down it's logging option so in order to do what you want you need to change to another firmware. I'm thinking of trying HyperWRT since it does support full logging. The software which I have used before (and is great) on my BEFSR41 is Linklogger. The following link talks about the lack of logging support from the Linksys firmware.

    Now, I just bought a new WRT54GS with version 3.37.7 which is a brand new Linksys firmware (not even listed on their site yet), I just wan't to find out before I ruin it that this unit is compatable with the HyperWRT first.

    I hope this helps.
  3. jagboy

    jagboy Network Guru Member

  4. nuxie1

    nuxie1 Network Guru Member

  5. littlewhoo

    littlewhoo Network Guru Member

    Yes, this is correct.

    But I think, that rflow based reporting tools can do this. I'd suggest, that you ask Brainslayer, if his Rflow Collector is capable of showing per-client traffic statistics..

    Another possbility is using ntop as rflow client.

    The primary purpose of rflow is to redirect all network statistics to another computer, on which a tool like ntop or Rflow Collector can do a detailed analysis.

    You can enable rflow on Alchemy (and presumably also on DD-WRT) with.

    /sbin/insmod ring
    /usr/sbin/rflow -i <interface> -F <destination>:<port>

    The disadvantage of rflow is, that it has a negative effect on the network performance of the WRT54G while it's running and that you need an additional computer running 24/7 to collect and process the information from the WRT54G.
  6. nuxie1

    nuxie1 Network Guru Member

    Thanks, Ive actually looked into that and Ive got rflow supposedly running on the WRT54G and sending it to a remote linux PC with Ntop (which took some time installing). Im not sure if Ive set it up properly, its a pretty messy solution. I guess there mightn't be any easy way using purely the WRT54G at this stage then..
  7. slang1978

    slang1978 Network Guru Member


    which application do you like better between NTOP and RFLOW COLLECTOR?

    I havn't used rflow collector yet and have been using NTOP with the alchemy firmware. I think it does a good job displaying a lot of info, but it doesn't seem to have an answer for what you wanted to do. IE: being able to see how many packets came to 192.168.x.x computer....

    I want to try rflow collector, but I suppose that requires the DD-wrt firmware and I have Alchemy right now.

    Just curious to hear your comments.

  8. littlewhoo

    littlewhoo Network Guru Member

    You should also be able to use Rflow Collector with Alchemy. I think there is no difference between Alchemy and DD-WRT regarding the ring patch and the included rflow. Just start rflow with

    /usr/sbin/rflow -i vlan1 -F

    where should be replaced by the IP of the computer you are running rflow at. I think 2055 is the default port of Rflow Collector.
  9. slang1978

    slang1978 Network Guru Member

    thanks for the followup littlewoohoo...I did what you suggested and changed the port for the rflow on my alchemy router to 2055. This seems to work, but I noticied in rflow collector that it says it needs MACudp on port 2056 to run also for the full features of rflow collector.

    So I'm thinkin I need dd-wrt because I dont' think there is a MACudp service on alchemy??
  10. jagboy

    jagboy Network Guru Member

    i think that it would be easier to just switch to dd-wrt.
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