DC (Solar Cell/Battery Power) and Antennae

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by MisterQ, Oct 31, 2008.

  1. MisterQ

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    I am working on a Humanitarian aid project. It ties in with getting some of the OLPC Supercheap laptops into some remote villages. Actually, the villages aren't that remote. They are on an island probably 25 miles wide and about 100 miles long. The challenge is that they are sometimes 6000 ft up in a mountain range, and getting in and out is a two day walk each way (or a helicopter trip - not in our budget...)

    It would appear that the WRT54??'s all run off a 12V DC supply which makes running from a battery/solar cell combo relatively easy. THe other issue is do a directional point to point connection with pairs of these... Any recommendations on antennae to achieve maximum distance? I am presuming some sort of small dish, or similar...


  2. DaveMcLain

    DaveMcLain Network Guru Member

    Check out Hyperlink's website they have what you need in antennas. You could possibly build some sort of enclosure that would house the WRT54GL and have a solar array on top and batteries underneath for nightime power. They have lots of outdoor dish style antennas like this one: HG2424G-NF which is 24db and not very expensive. Be sure to figure in the correct pigtail for the antenna as well. Also, some aftermarket firmware like DD-WRT will be essential because it will allow you to get more information about the link than the standard firmware, assign antennas etc. This hardware could work well for your setup with some development and testing time to get things worked out AND the hardware is not expensive.

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