DCHP problems with WET54G

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by sync, Nov 22, 2004.

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    I've got a large property and need to run networking out to a workshop. Until I dig a trench and lay conduit for the networking in the spring, I figured I'd try a whack at wireless (which is not ideal for what I'm moving around on the connection, but will suffice for a few workstations), since I have a WAP in the main structure for a wireless enabled laptop.

    None of the local consumer electronics / computer stores (Best Buy, CompUSA, etc) seem to have much in the way of BRIDGES - the solitary bridge I found anywhere was the WET54G. I picked it up, and set about configuring it.

    First off, despite the documentation claiming that it had a default address of, I could not connect to the device via the LAN side using the web interface, which was rather disappointing as I wasn't using it with a Windoz box, and that's all their setup software ever runs with. So, 30 minutes later, when I've set up a windows box to run the setup on, I configure the device for DHCP, and the wireless security settings. power cycle it, and nothing.

    In fact, the setup couldn't discover the device after that until several attempts at a hardware reset.

    In the process of trying to figure out what the heck went wrong with it, I checked the log on the DHCP server and found that the device was broadcasting a discover, being sent an offer in return, but never acknowledging it. Note that I doubt that this is some funky problem with the router (a Netopia), since the DHCP traffic runs through the wireless on that just fine when used with multiple laptop clients.

    When I finally reset the device and got the setup program to see the bridge again, I updated the firmware to 2.10, but that didn't change anything about the inability of the device to configure via DHCP. So, I resorted to manually configuring it with an IP address. At least then, I'm able to connect to it via the web interface.

    I then found that the clients on the LAN side of the bridge also suffered the same inability to complete a DHCP conversation.

    I haven't yet hauled a second system out to the LAN side of the bridge to sniff the conversation (setting up MORE gear to diagnose this isn't what I had in mind), but before I go through that hassle, I'm hoping there's some known fix or perhaps Linksys has acknowledged the problem with someone else, and there's a corrective avenue for it. I don't have the slightest interest in blowing two hours talking with Ranjeev in Bombay who is trained to disregard all reports of problems and brush the problem off as a user error. I've already blown six hours today dealing with something that should have taken a rank novice 15 minutes to deal with.

    Other pertinent data:
    * network is comprised of unix hosts, including the DHCPD.
    * not running NAT
    * routed netblock - I've got plenty of address space, but as a practice, I don't like wasting them, nor do I have an interest in having to set things up on the LAN side of the bridge so that I can run a router on a subnet of my own network, or to deal with NAT there.

    I have a sufficient number of machines come through over time that manually configuring them would be a PITA. Additional hardware such as network print servers should also not require manual configuration...

    Any assistance would be most appreciated.
  2. jesterfred

    jesterfred Guest

    4 years later...

    Its now 4 years later and I have the exact problem and setup as sync's post.

    Anyone find a solution? Or is this bridge just junk?
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