Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by grcore, Mar 26, 2005.

  1. grcore

    grcore Network Guru Member

    Has anyone gotten WPA to work over a WDS link with DD-WRT?

    I need to make multiple WDS links and use WPA. I know it was semi/working in Alchemy but as soon as you looked at the router the wrong way the links died.

  2. barney34

    barney34 Network Guru Member

    Does this work anyone?
  3. frndrfoe

    frndrfoe Network Guru Member

    I just started using dd-wrt and I love it. I have a main router running alchemy 6a at the moment and one of my four secondary routers is running dd-wrt. I have 2 other alchemy 6a's and a talisman all talking wds together. ($NISP$)

    once the mac is added to the wds page, I log in with ssh and set the wl0_wds(n) variables to use aes on each router and the dd-wrt router jumped right in with the others no prob.

    set the variable in ssh using the following command:
    nvram set wl0_wds0="00:13:10:AB:CD:EF,auto,aes,psk,myssid,mypskphrase"
    there are variables wl0_wds0 to wl0_wds9 as far as I know, I havent gotten past 5 so far. Just use the wlan mac address for the router you want to connect to and they should all share the same ssid and passphrase. Make sure you set the same ssid on the wireless setup page too, and you will be able to roam between ap's as well.
  4. frndrfoe

    frndrfoe Network Guru Member

    and dont forget the "nvram commit" after you do the "nvram set" commands

    maybe someone will compile wpa-supplicant into a build someday and the routers could use wpa-radius:)
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