DD-WRT and WRT54GS V4.0

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by jdelange22, Nov 12, 2005.

  1. jdelange22

    jdelange22 Network Guru Member

    Hi... i've read several go's and no-go's about this. I could't get ANY third-party firmware loaded into my GS V4.0. I've read some of you CAN. My question is.... HOW. I know there are problems with the V5.0 models though. Am I missing something here? Tried DD-WRT V22 and V23 both generic and GS versions but still no-go. Please help or confirm it is a no-go.
  2. k3nv

    k3nv Network Guru Member

    Did you load the mini version of dd-wrt first? You can flash with a firmware that is bigger than 3MB on the first flash. After flash it with the mini version then flash with standard.
  3. jdelange22

    jdelange22 Network Guru Member

    yes I already did. Tried mini of V23 and it's still complaining. "Firmware upgrade are failed" is all I'm getting. I'm glad I don't own this V4.0 model myself :D I stick to my WRT54G 2.2 for the moment :grin:
  4. maxrebo

    maxrebo Network Guru Member

    I just purchased a v4 WRT54G yesterday and got the same thing, but then found out I needed to use the mini version first which worked. After installing the mini version of 11/11/05, I upgraded it to the standard version without issue.

    ...this is all after somewhat toasting my v1.1 to where it worked, but when it felt like it. Then I went to BestBuy to get a new one and they all were v5!! I was panicing, but then found a v4 @ WalMart -- $10 less I might add. (although I only got 1 $15 mail in rebate instead of 2)
  5. Rich3800

    Rich3800 Network Guru Member

    I installed version 23beta 2 on my WRT54GS 4 but had a bit of a hard time because ipkg would not update because of a read-only jffs. I still have problems in the form of a read-only ipkg.conf and a missing ipv6 kernel module.
  6. maxrebo

    maxrebo Network Guru Member

    I have same/similar problem where it is 320k and its full without putting anything onto it. It did this too with 1.1 hardware about a month ago (with a slightly different ammount of total/used space).
  7. jdelange22

    jdelange22 Network Guru Member

    Thats weird... my router refuses to eat the mini of the 11/11 release. Too bad... I've read that even if I manage to successfully flash DD-WRT on this device, it doesn't work flawless after all. Guess the only way is to stick to the original firmware. I only need support for Static DHCP. It's the only feature I'm missing right now.
  8. Chuck_IV

    Chuck_IV Network Guru Member

    Since DD-WRT won't work for you, you can also get static DHCP with HyperWRT (Thibor's builds for the GS). This sticks closely with the original firmware and should work on a V4. Make sure you do an erase nvram;reboot;

    One thing with the V4's is that, from what I've read, after loading a 3rd party firmware, if difficult to go back to any other firmware, including stock, without having to do the "debricking" procedure(because of the reduced memory). I cannot confirm this, as I have a V3, but I'm just stating what I have read.
  9. BrainSlayer

    BrainSlayer Network Guru Member

    always use the mini generic binary for web interface flashing
  10. myersw

    myersw Network Guru Member

    Have wtr54gs v4. Have loaded v23 27/10/2005 from the wrt54g.net site. Somewhere I read that if you want a stable v23 and don't care about being on the bleeding edge this is the one to install. Installed the mini generic the the generic, per Brainslayer's directions. Let set for 5 minutes at the upgrade successfull prompt. Works like a charm.
    Don't seem to have the wireless connection stop file downloads like the official linksys 1.05.2 (latest) version.
    While I do not use most of the additional functions I do like having them available if and when I do.
    When v23 goes gold I will be sure to install.
    OH one additional note. I had problems when trying to upgrade firmware, both official linksys and dd-drt v23 when using Foxfire browser on a wrt54g v1.1. Got various errors about upgrade failing. Using MS IE things went fine. Don't understand this one, but know it happened to me. Tried multiple times before trying IE. Came close to a brick once.
  11. xiaojian

    xiaojian Network Guru Member

    Upgrade to v23 mini generic version on the first try, the only problem I'm having is that when I ping the router's ip( from a pc( connecting to the client(, I always experience lagging and losing packets. For example, if I ping main router with 20 packets, I got at least 15% loss, and rtt also varies a lot from 20 sec to 1000 sec. I tried ping the same router from another wireless laptop, 0% loss and all rtt are less than 20 sec.

    I'm using wrt54g v4.

    btw, I did load the stock firmware back on and upgrade to v23 mini generic again. Same problem:(
  12. itsmeohmy

    itsmeohmy Network Guru Member

    I got DD-WRT on one of my v4 WRT54GS models. I flashed one of the versions of v23 Beta that still had the "client bridge mode" problem/bug. However, it does work... it flashed and is running ...
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