dd-WRT Network interfaces documentation project: eth0 eth1 eth2 Vlan0 Vlan1 wl0 br0

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by drlava, Nov 29, 2006.

  1. drlava

    drlava LI Guru Member

    I'd like to make a nice graphic like this for dd-wrt with the linksys wrt54g and the different hardware revisions with dd-wrt. There seem to be too many undocumented nuances, such as what exactly wl0 is and how it relates to eth1 and eth2.


    So far, it appears that eth1 and eth2 should be swapped in the diagram for dd-wrt. Also, then, eth2 doesn't connect to nothing, it seems to connect to wl0. What that is, I'm not sure. Maybe wl0 should be in the WiFi box at the bottom?

    Also, br0 includes Vlan0, eth1, AND eth2 default in V23 SP2, not as the diagram shows.

    Post any default info you have so this can be done and included in the wikki, thanks!
  2. mazilo

    mazilo Network Guru Member

    That figure is from OpenWRT?
  3. drlava

    drlava LI Guru Member

  4. swinn

    swinn Network Guru Member

  5. drlava

    drlava LI Guru Member

    I'm glad you pointed this out.. even comparing those charts you will see that they don't agree (I have hardware 1.1). The configuration page shows the lan on Vlan2 and wifi on eth2, where the diagram on the forum shows the lan connected through vlan0 and the wifi (correctly) connected through eth1.

    Also, dd-wrt defaultly configures the bridge br0 to include Vlan0, eth1, and eth2 (which doesn't agree with any documentatino I have seen)

    eth2 is apparently another connection to the wifi 'thing' (I don't know whether it's an interface or just a varible name) wl0
    (nvram: wl0_ifname=eth2)

    So, to make the diagrams complete, we need to clarify what exactly eth2 and eth1 are, and their relation to wl0, and what is hardware connected.

    So, on a v1.1 hardware:

    eth0: Processor port hardware connected from proc to port5 of the switch.
    eth1: Processor port configured to wireless, hardware connected from proc to wireles???
    eth2: Configured to wl0 (wireless), possibly a virtual interface with no hardware?
    wl0: Unknown, but related to wireless
    Vlan0: Lan switch grouping, routed from tagged port5 of the switch which is hardware connected to eth0 hardware port of proc.
    Vlan1: Wan switch grouping, routed from port5 of the switch through eth0 hardware port of proc.
    br0: virtual software bridge between Vlan0 (Lan ports), eth1 (Wireless 1), eth2 (Wirelss 2?)

    Fill in those unknowns, and we'll all be good.
  6. trignet

    trignet LI Guru Member

    I used this EXACT diagram while configuring my WRT54G v1.1.
    I found it to be right on hardware wise.
    I am running 4 vlans on mine--default wireless with port4 for personal private LAN, port3 seperate IP range for workbench repairs (firewalled form private LAN of course), ports 1and2 seperate vlan for statics from ISP for 2 servers that route to the WAN pppoe connection.
    I set my vlan ports via the CLI, checked the appropriate boxes via the GUI for orts vlan numbers, and IPTABLES for routing/firewalling. I used PREROUTING for the statics to the vlan they are on.
    I agree though how handy the diagrams would be for the diferent versions as I am sure from reading they are different.

    The setup took a couple weeks in free time playing with it all, but one thing I found to be consistent with the backup function and the firmware-- reboots are QUITE necessary between things, doing a factory reset in between doesn't hurt when something doesn't work, the backup reload option doesn't reset/reconfigure vlan port information from CLI.
    Basically without a factory reset, you still have port information as you changed it too, and it doesn't always match your iptables rules!
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