dd-wrt on wrt54g with a wps54g print server

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by masterofoo, Mar 26, 2007.

  1. masterofoo

    masterofoo LI Guru Member


    i am currently using a wrt54g v3.1 and flashed it with a DD-WRT v23 SP2 (09/15/06) std.

    im now trying to install a wps54g print server into the network but the print server crashes whenever i attempt to navigate away from the main admin page of the print server.

    crashes as in..
    1) you cant ping it
    2) you cannot access web admin page anymore
    3) u cannt use the print server function

    it seems that if i dont access the web ui and try to navigate away frm the main page it wld be fine.

    ive went for an RMA exchange and similar issues are happening, i wondering if the problem lies with the firmware, something that i have to configure?
  2. CoryB

    CoryB LI Guru Member

    I was running a similar setup. In order to get it working I needed to upgrade the firmware on the print server. You also need to make sure you have the software that matches to the version of the firmware.

    Unfortuantely the WPS54G bricked after about a month and a half of use when I was moving it and had it unplugged. Two months later the RMA replacement finally showed up. It has a firmware version that is not even listed on the site yet. I tried to get it working but am running into problems again. I have not had time to sit on hold with tech support and go through the process of them trying to update the firmware on my router again....
  3. masterofoo

    masterofoo LI Guru Member

    Can you please tell me your firmware version. When I called the Linksys technical support line, they told me I was already using the latest firmware. This is getting frustrating, they claim that the PrintServer was only tested with their own routers with their own firmwares. So they cannot assure me that it will work with the other firmwares.
  4. CoryB

    CoryB LI Guru Member

    The firmware on my new WPS54G is 6050. The setup CD also looks like it is a newer version. This came direct from an RMA and appear to be a brand new item in a complete retail box.

    I have it working right now with a WRT54G v3 running DD-WRT v23SP2.

    When you are setting it up it helps to have your print server and a computer both physically wired to your router. The first time I set it up I first had wired printing working, then wireless printing working from only wired computers, finally I changed the router settings to allow wireless clients to communicate to each other and wireless printing worked.

    You may also need to temporarily disable any software based firewalls on the computer you are using to configure the server.

    Finally, if you are really stuck try calling Linksys. If you have a WRT54G running non-Linksys firmware tell them up front you are not updating the firmware and that your network is operating fine. One of the things they tried to get me to do was update the router firmware.

    I could also try to offer more advice if you post some additional details. No promises though as the whole process is definitely on the more techincally difficult side of things.
  5. masterofoo

    masterofoo LI Guru Member

    My WPS54G came with 6050 too. And its also a completely new set.

    Ok, I started off getting my PC and PrintServer both wired up to the router.

    I managed to enter the administration page and configured the wireless settings. I'm on a WPA Personal, TKIP. The only problem - the channel no. cannot be configured and it was set a Auto.

    When I was looking at the DD-WRT admin page, Status -> Wireless, scroll all the way down, under Wireless Nodes -> Clients, my PrintServer kept appearing and disappearing with the following:
    MAC Address: (whatever MAC address)
    Signal: 0
    Noise: -98 (similar to another wireless client)
    SNR: 98
    Signal Quality: 0%

    I just kept appearing and disappearing and I'm not sure what is happening. Unable to authenticate? I've checked through my wireless settings and made sure MAC Filtering is off.

    The adminstration pages are also rather inconsistent, sometimes I cannot browse sometimes I could.

    The PrintServer responses to PING is inconsistent. Sometimes it replies sometime it does not. And if it does not, it may not mean that the device is down. I hate this.
  6. CoryB

    CoryB LI Guru Member

    These are the steps I would recommend following for setup:

    1 - ensure your router and WPS54G are on the most current firmware.
    2 - Get the printer working on the computer as a local printer.
    3 - Hook the WPS54G and the computer up directly to the router.
    4 - Connect to the WPS54G using the Linksys supplied software from your wired computer.
    5 - Get the WPS54G working as a wired print server (ie do not configure for wireless yet).
    6 - Configure the WPS54G for wireless printing.
    7 - Disconnect the WPS54G from the router (ie now operating in wireless only mode).
    8 - Try printing to the WPG54G from your computer that is still wired to the router.
    9 - If everything else has been sucessful try printing wirelessly.

    Also of note, my network is exclusively using WPA2-AES and runs only 802.11g. It is actually restricted to 802.11g in the router configuration. You should also make sure your router is not configured to only allow specific devies to connect. Finally, this one is critical, you need to make sure wireless devices are allowed to communicate with each other.

    If you have trouble with any of these steps I highly recommend contacting Linksys directly as they were essential to my first installation getting up and working.
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