dd-wrt v 22 r2: samba mount problem

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by samueldg, Aug 9, 2005.

  1. samueldg

    samueldg Network Guru Member

    With a tested configuration and working before upgrade to r2 revision of v22, I have a strange problem:

    smbmount is not mounting the shared resource in a windows system.

    After reboot with a configured smb options via web, the /tmp/smbshare is created and permisions established fine, but ...

    /tmp # smbmount // /tmp/smbshare -o username=wrt/,password=********
    load_client_codepage: filename /usr/lib/codepages/codepage.850 does not exist.
    load_unicode_map: filename /usr/lib/codepages/unicode_map.850 does not exist.
    error connecting to (Connection refused)
    Connection to failed
    SMB connection failed

    Any help about this problem?

    This problem were reported some months ago and solved or not reproduced again.

    The windows system is an XP with SP2 in Spanish (and I think that could be the codepage problem).

    The wrt is an wrt54g v 2.2.

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