Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by jagboy, Mar 18, 2005.

  1. jagboy

    jagboy Network Guru Member

    yes you read right there is a prefinal2.

    here is the link to download

    dhcpd fixed
    chillispot upgraded to 1.0 RC2
    chillispot configuration fixed
    wrt-radauth menu is now full english

    the first boot of dd-wrt can take some minutes since it will initialize the jffs2 flash device. but unlike the first preview
    version, this version does this as last step. so httpd and other services are already started this time and the router is accessable for you
    please wait until the blinking LED stops before you unplug the power of your router.

    chillispot notes:

    chillispot works only if the redirect url is a valid url which ends with a slash '/'
    chillispot should be able to resolve the ip of this url hostname. so please setup your local router network to a valid gateway and dns
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    from the last version i viewed this.


    so you have been warned. personally i wouldn't like to wait a long time just to find out your router is trashed:)
  3. jagboy

    jagboy Network Guru Member

    i beats waiting for the final release of alchemy :lol: . i just flashed and and waited 12 seconds.
  4. BrainSlayer

    BrainSlayer Network Guru Member

    this is just a warning to hold kiddies back. this prerelease isnt tested very much. i never bricked one of my routers. i never used jtag too. i just follow the save way. never unplug power if something looks bad.
    this firmware is a preview for my work and not made for productive environments. its still not feature complete yet. there are still tasks pending. this prereleases are a reaction for many requests i got about a preview of dd-wrt v22
  5. Avenger20

    Avenger20 Network Guru Member


    Should be difficult to brick it permanently, as the firmware doesn't touch the Bootloader (cfe/pmon) and should leave the nvram part intact.
    Just tftp-ing the firmware back in should work.


    How about a button in the web interface to initialize the jffs2 flash (and not do it by default)?
    Gives a few advantages :
    - When users upgrade DD-WRT firmware, their jffs2 part stays intact.
    - Only power users who need jffs2 can use it (less change for a brick for normal users).
  6. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    that would be a nice feature. it does amaze me why any software is not more user friendly and disable the high tech features at the start. thus newbies can at least use the software without running into problems. with the click of a button a feature is enabled, and thus the more advanced users can reap the benefits of it.
  7. BrainSlayer

    BrainSlayer Network Guru Member

    thats exactly what i thought. i will change that to this way in next release together with some new other changes. gimme a little bit time. this weekend i will do some private stuff
  8. jagboy

    jagboy Network Guru Member

    thanks for the firmware i love the chillispot support.
  9. dellsweig

    dellsweig Network Guru Member

    So, has nyone actually set up the Chillispot on this??

    I want to set up a simple captive portal - with no authentication required. I simply want to force access point users to read my Terms Of Service web page, press 'OK' and go about their merry way.

    1) Does the DDWRT/Chillispot redirector require the target html to return a value?? Does anyone have a same HTML file which they HAVE USED with Chillispot to simply Display "hello world - click OK to continue"

    2) Can Chillispot be configured to Certain MAC's or IP's are exempt from the captive portal??

    Let me know. I dont have alot of time to play with this so any guidence with setting this up would be greatly appreciated..
  10. Morpheus

    Morpheus Network Guru Member

    Nice firmware.
  11. Disman_ca

    Disman_ca Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Use telnet and run 'nvram set expert_mode=1' and it will give you some addtional options for dhcp and dns on the management page. I think sveasoft thought of this idea at least a little (maybe just concept).
  12. jagboy

    jagboy Network Guru Member

    thanks alot that is cool
  13. dellsweig

    dellsweig Network Guru Member

    I setup expert_mode=1 on DDWRT 2.2 Prefinal2

    What would you use these additional input fields for??

    Additional DHCP options
    Additional DNS options

  14. jagboy

    jagboy Network Guru Member

    i dont know what they do but that is cool how ther are extra features that are implemented into the firmnware that we dont know about.
  15. BrainSlayer

    BrainSlayer Network Guru Member

    mmh would be a nice easter egg. mmh let me see. hopefully i can finish something until monday. currently everything is a little bit slower since i have to work on my backup system. my main development system burned down yesterday. (or better the motherboard, not the whole system). so i have to buy a new one next week. the hdd's are current unuseable since they are integrated on a on board raidcontroller. but i think i can fix that all next week
  16. jagboy

    jagboy Network Guru Member

    that really sux :(
  17. Disman_ca

    Disman_ca Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    I am not well versed in this but it is for passing addtional "options/command" to the respective service. See
    DCHP options
    dnsmasq options

    I found out about the expert mode by reading a post about setting the router to be a public name server.
  18. jagboy

    jagboy Network Guru Member

    how did you find this were you just going through the nvram on day and just came accross it or what.
  19. jagboy

    jagboy Network Guru Member

    well dd-wrt22 pre3 one step closer to the final. has anyone had a chance to test this verision. is it stable. does all the features work
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