DDNS - DynDNS.org and Vista "identifying" wireless network

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by zerosc, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. zerosc

    zerosc LI Guru Member

    I have been using DynDNS for a while now but the Router (17rc3) hasn't update the IP address for quite some times.

    Albeit, the IP hasn't changed either since the last successful update which was over a month (maybe two) ago.

    This is the current status,

    "Status: Strange server response, are you connecting to the right server?"

    When I tried to force update, I get this,

    "Some settings were invalid."

    My username and password are correct as I am able to manually log in to the DynDNS.org site and update the IP address manually.

    Did DynDNS.org changed some settings on their end?

    By the way, I'm using Vista and sometimes Vista takes forever to "identify" my home wireless network (SL with 17rc3, WPA2-Personal AES). Often times it would show "Unidentified Network". And sometimes, it'd get stuck at "Identifying" and only be connected "Local only...". Is this a known problem with Vista?

    I have a Dell 1490 wifi card. Anyone else uses this card and Vista?
  2. bortas

    bortas LI Guru Member

    I've got the same DynDNS issue

    Exactly how the previous poster described it, except that I don't have the Vista networking problem since I'm still (and will be for a good while) on Windows XP.

  3. Birdman2000

    Birdman2000 Guest

    Identifying issue in Vista

    This issue took me a week of Googling and cursing Vista before I found the solution on one of the support forums that I found using Google. I can't find the forum where I found the solution to give them credit and give them thanks. Therefore, I am posting the solution here so others can find it using Google. Here is the Microsoft KB that fixes this problem: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/928233
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