DDNS with HTTP Update URL

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by jochen, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. jochen

    jochen Network Guru Member

    I use Thibor 15c. Is it possible to use Dynamic DNS Update via HTTP URL?

    My registrar uses the following format:


  2. prowler1968

    prowler1968 Network Guru Member

    I created a update link such as this. You have to define your username and password into the HTML link, but it does work. You also have to embed your IP address, which is subject to change. You would, therefore, be forced to update the ip address in the URL link if the IP changes.

    I abandoned using this scheme, although someone with a bit more HTML knowledge would probably be able to automatically pull the public IP address into the link.

    You can find the necessary syntax at DYNDNS.COM.
  3. jochen

    jochen Network Guru Member

    Do you have an example how I can put this into HyperWRTs DDNS page?
  4. prowler1968

    prowler1968 Network Guru Member

    The link which I am referring to was used in my browser bookmarks, not fitted into my router. I crafted the bookmark per the specifications at dyndns (as quoted below) -without the quotes I supplied!!

    "Example 1: Authentication in URL (all one line)"



    has more information.
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