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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by FattysGoneWild, Sep 3, 2009.

  1. FattysGoneWild

    FattysGoneWild LI Guru Member

    Just found out about this great feature. I set up an account with opendns and added my network in the settings. I also enabled dynamic ip update in the settings since I am on cable internet and have a dynamic ip. Now here is where I am completely getting confused. I am trying to avoid having to run software. OpenDNS says I need to run client software for the ip will update? I came across a post from Assman on the opendns forums. I also remembered that he posts here as well. He had the following to say:

    Hello all. You don't need dnsomatic or a pc client to update dynamic ip (with tomato). I am using tomato 1.23 RAF mod (one of the best mods available) and it supports ddns for opendns, it checks your wan ip and updates with opendns as necessary. It has been working flawlessly for months now.

    Now with tomato and ddns for opendns to work properly. I heard it needs to be https and tomato only supports http. Has that issue been fixed? How often do updates occur? I setup the DDNS part in tomato with opendns but not sure if it is right or not? I have attached a picture for you can see the setup. I also checked force next update when I set this up for the first time.

  2. ntest7

    ntest7 Network Guru Member

    "Last result: Update successful"

    Looks as if it's working for you already.

    I've been using the OpenDNS updater built into standard Tomato for quite a while. It just works, no messing around needed.

    It updates when it needs to, don't worry about it.

    If you want to test it, unplug your cablemodem for a while, then plug it in so you get a new IP. Then see if your "Home" IP is updated on your OpenDNS control panel page after a few minutes.
  3. Dashiell

    Dashiell Network Guru Member

    You can also change the MAC of your router for an instant change in your ISP issued public IP. I change mine every year or so.
  4. glen4cindy

    glen4cindy Addicted to LI Member

    Most users will probably have to run client software to keep OpenDNS updated with the proper IP address. If you don't keep OpenDNS updated, then your filtering rules will not work for you, but, will be imposed on the next person to get that IP address.

    Since you are using Tomato Firmware, you have correctly set the router to take care of keeping OpenDNS updated properly. There is nothing more that you need to do. You might check every once in awhile that OpenDNS is seeing your proper IP address, and you might check that status message as well. If something is wrong you can force and update. You can also set an automatic refresh as often as every day. It's at the top of the DDNS configuration screen.
  5. FattysGoneWild

    FattysGoneWild LI Guru Member

    Thanks guys for confirming I have every thing set up properly. Really appreciate it.


    I am under the DDNS settings right now poking around again. Are you talking about the part up top that says dynamic dns ip address selection? If so. The selection I would choose would be Use External IP Address Checker (every 10 minutes) correct?


  6. glen4cindy

    glen4cindy Addicted to LI Member

    I have not tried that selection.

    I choose: Use WAN IP address.

    If I understand correctly, the router will update for you. I'm using version 1.25, and right below the box you copied below is an auto refresh option. I have chosen 1 day as the auto refresh.
  7. FattysGoneWild

    FattysGoneWild LI Guru Member

    Interesting. I know people are saying it just works and nothing to worry about. But, I was just curious how. Like for example. If I decided to enable some settings in OpenDNS through their site. Would it still automatically forward to the router right away. Since I do not see any thing in the logs of Tomato. I guess that refresh option is new in 1.25. Because I do not have it in the current version of Tomato that I am using.

  8. Assman

    Assman Addicted to LI Member

    Here's my setup below, also, I am now on 1.25.8515 RAF ND and it has a nice "Auto refresh every" ddns feature (since 1.24), you may leave it at default or tweak it so that it checks more frequently, depending on how often you are assigned a new ip.
    Have no issues whatsoever with this setup, I even tested it out (couple of times in a row) by spoofing my mac and thus forcing my isp to assign a new ip for me. Right after I get a new ip I log into https://www.opendns.com/dashboard and ip is in sync.

    If you have any other questions, comments feel free to ask :thumbup:
  9. FattysGoneWild

    FattysGoneWild LI Guru Member

    Very nice! Looks like I have nothing to worry about then and Tomato will take care of every thing. Thanks again guys. :cool:

  10. FattysGoneWild

    FattysGoneWild LI Guru Member

    A bit off topic and instead of making a new thread. Thought I would ask about it since it pertains to dns. Can using another dns service besides my isp have an effect on gaming? Because like I said. OpenDNS test the best for me out of all of them. With the only exception to my isp which tests better. But, I noticed when playing on xbox live. I was getting lag and it seemed like my shots were not registering against other people. I switched back to my isp's and no more lag or shooting problems. Any ideas?
  11. Assman

    Assman Addicted to LI Member

    No idea, my isp's (comcast) dns pings about the same, sometimes worse Chicago's opendns. But with comcast I get annoying lag on youtube and with opendns it's smooth.
  12. FattysGoneWild

    FattysGoneWild LI Guru Member

    Can bad isp dns cause issues with pages loading every once in a while? Every so often. I will be surfing the net and pages stop loading. Then a minute later or so. It works again like nothing happened. As a matter of fact. I will lose all internet access. When it goes out. I cannot even run a tracert.
  13. ntest7

    ntest7 Network Guru Member

    No, not a DNS issue.
  14. FattysGoneWild

    FattysGoneWild LI Guru Member

    Any idea what it could be then? My modem and router are fairly new. Maybe some thing is timing out on my isp's end?

  15. Jedis

    Jedis LI Guru Member

    I had the same issue and changing from my ISP DNS server to another one resolved all issues with unable to load some websites.

    Try a couple of these, they work great for me:
  16. FattysGoneWild

    FattysGoneWild LI Guru Member

    Yeah the weird thing is though. Some of these sites I always visit every day. I was also wondering if my firmware could have slight corruption. We did have a power outage a few weeks back. Any way to tell if Tomato is corrupted?

  17. ntest7

    ntest7 Network Guru Member

    Dunno. Sounds like you're losing your internet somehow. Could be anything from a bad router/modem to a problem at the ISP. More troubleshooting is in order.
  18. ratchet

    ratchet Addicted to LI Member

    Although I don't pay for a static IP, it hasn't changed since the current cable provider took over here three to four years ago. Do you recommend that I indeed should still enable this feature since I do use OpenDNS? Is the user name, password just your ODNS account login? Thank You!
  19. occamsrazor

    occamsrazor Network Guru Member

    If you use OpenDNS and also some dynamic-DNS servers e.g. dyndns, no-ip etc it's a simpler solution to use DNS-O-Matic. It goes like this:

    1. Tomato updates DNS-O-Matic
    2. The DNS-O-Matic server updates OpenDNS server, dyndns server, no-ip server, etc.

    So once your Tomato is setup with the DNS-O-Matic settings, you never have to change anything - if you need to change the updating of the other servers at some point you can do it via the DNS-O-Matic web page.

    Of course if you only use OpenDNS, no dynamic DNS servers, then you probably don't need this.

    [start complex, slightly off-topic problem]

    The only problem I have is when you have multiple "Networks" set up with OpenDNS e.g. a Home network and Mobile network. See here:


    By updating via DNS-O-Matic there is no way for Tomato to tell it to only update one specific network rather than another.... from what I can gather. The only way to have two full sets of networks is to register a second DNS-O-Matic account. Anyone using multiple networks with OpenDNS and DNS-O-Matic understand this better than me and have a solution?
  20. Nick

    Nick Networkin' Nut Member

    DNS-O-Matic will not work for multiple networks on opendns...

    you just need to enter in the network box the Label you are using for this network on opendns, keep in mind the label shouldn't have any spaces or dashes
  21. threehappypenguins

    threehappypenguins Networkin' Nut Member

    I keep getting an Invalid authentication error. I tried using my email (that I use to sign in), and I also tried my community username. Neither one works.
  22. Shanglin

    Shanglin Connected Client Member

    Is there anyway I can update the the ip address automatically? I've been try to enter all the information, but it's not updating.
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