ddwrt and wrt ver. compatibility question

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by mesu55, Oct 24, 2006.

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    I need some help in matching products. The more I have read the past 2 weeks the more confused I am getting. I hope someone can grant me an answer.

    I have 3 Linksys wrt54g units with the ddwrt V22r2 firmware working great.

    I need to find devices that will mate with them in case of hardware loss.

    I mainly use the following:
    I do not use the WAN port at this time on any of them as no internet is available in this area.

    I use the LAN and Wireless as a single network and units can share accross these.

    I use WRT1 in an office which uses WDS point to point to send data to WRT2.

    Wrt2 is a repeater/AP/LAN which acts as a point to multipoint bridge to WRT1 and WRT3.

    WRT3 uses LAN / AP and uses WDS to connect to WRT2.

    I use WEP security, as well as MAC limits.(Only listed MACS can connect)

    This system allows our various gates to communicate at a small park. Tests give me a good 6 to 12 meg throughput in our triangle with each device about 2300 feet apart. I am only a volunteer and I spent several months learning what I did in the past. I have been trying the past couple months to find old units or make sense out of what ddwrt I can use in newer ones but no success.

    I need to know what devices available now will allow me to replace one of these if needed without compatability issues.

    I currently am using dd-wrt V22r2 firmware on wrt54g Ver 2.0, ver2.1, and a 3.0. I lost one ver 3.0 to lightning so my spare is now online.

    Will the WRTSL54GS v1.0 work? if not will the "micro" flash ddwrt that works in a wrt ver5.1 provide me with what I need?

    I have found locally wrt54g with ser nums in range of CDFD. I think these are ver6 with the new OS that can be wiped and have linux installed, then the "Micro" system installed.

    Am I correct? ALSO will the "Micro" give me the options I need to be compatable with my other units?

    OR do I just keep hitting E-bay for an older wrt54g version.

    I heard the L in the name means linux, but what devices will mate with my wrt54g units and serve as routers with my needs sjown above?

    Any help is greatly appreciated. The gates open for the first show Nov. 1.


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