Dedicated T1 and DSL

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by DoodleKenNoodle, Apr 27, 2007.

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    I am sorry if all this sounds a little elementary for this forum. I am not a network person... I just happen to be less clueless than anybody else in the office. We have a LAN and a RV016 connected to a DSL line. We use the RV016 PPTP for traveling employees who need to connect to the office LAN. Also, each one of us is connected most of the time to the Headquarters Lotus Notes server via VPN and use Nortel Contivity client to do so.

    Now HQ has decided that they will scrap the Nortel VPN, install a dedicated T1 and transform us into a real connected BO. I suppose we will get our own IP block, most of the workstations will have their own static IP and will no longer use the Nortel Client to access our Notes account. This is good news.

    HOWEVER... We still want our traveling users to be able to connect to our LAN resources and wonder if this will be possible with the new infrastructure ( using the VPN of the RV016 and without asking anything from HQ). Can we use WAN1 for the T1 and WAN2 for the DSL? HQ said they will provide us with a router... Can we still connect our RV016 behind their router (between our LAN and their router) ?

    Thanks for your help
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