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Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by rgl168, Oct 27, 2005.

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    I have access to two WRT54G (V1) and both of them have been using Hyperwrt V2.1b1. I decided to try out DD-WRT to see if there are any improvements. (I used Satori once but I didn't like it.)

    I did so according to the DD-WRT docu wiki - reset to factory default and flash. However, as soon as the router rebooted from the DD-WRT flash, I noticed the following problem: my PC (connected to Ethernet port 4) cannot access the router's web interface; however, my notebook (connected via Wireless) *is* able access the web interface.

    The other WRT54G I used Alchemy, again the same behavior occured: LAN PC cannot connect to the interface, WLAN notebook is able to. As I needed the access tonight, I went back and flash the routers back to Hyperwrt (using wireless - I know it's risky) to get things back to they were for now.

    Is there a change in the behaviour in DD-WRT (and Alchemy) on the web interface access compared to standard firmware? I do not recall that Satori has that issue.
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    Make sure that you reset after flash as well. It should be in Wiki.
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