Defective DHCP Server on WRT54GS V2.0?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Anonymous, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    After a long hunt I finally found a WRT54GS in a local electronics store that was not the latest V5 with the scaled back memory etc. I had to dig to the back of some display that was off the beaten path and found a CGN3 serial number. My joy did not last too long however as it works ok most of the time but often refuses to assign IPs to the computers- even the wired one sometimes. Everytime I boot up a laptop it's a toss-up, 2 times connect fine, 3rd time it will see the router but just keep trying to get that IP and when this happens the only way to fix it that works consistently is to shut down all the network computers, power cycle both the router and my cable modem at the same time- booting the modem up first, then the router, then the computers and they are good to go. I googled my butt off to no avail and then finally caved in and called Linksys tech support. Through several long exercises the conclusion was that my router is defective and I should return it.
    But I know that all I'll find at the stored to replace it is the notorious version 5's. And I'm not paying double for some older version off ebay
    So, here's my question. Does anyone think from what I've described that there's a possibility that the problem is not a hardware defect, but maybe a firmware thing (I updraded to the latest Linksys firmware as soon as I installed the router by the way), such that it may be worth attempting to install one of these 3rd party firmwares to solve the problem before resorting to exchanging the unit for a v5?
  2. jgutz20

    jgutz20 Network Guru Member

    there isnt a "DHCP" chip inside the router, it could possibly be the firmware or driver issues. you could try setting static addresses although this doesnt fix the problem. if it was just wireless i'd say try changing channels to see if that helps..
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    OK, tried hyperwrt and did not solve my connectivity problem

    But it was worth a try, guess I just got a bad box. I boot up the notebooks and one might connect, the other doesn't, or both don't. They see the router, get an excellent signal, I am sure all of my settings are correct on the router and the notebooks, I've tried switching channels and still the only way to get both laptops up when they boot up at different times is to shut everything down, power cycle modem and rounter and boot everything up again. Since I still have my old Microsoft wireless (80211b only) base station still, is there a way I can use that in conjunction with my Linksys router to assign the IPs? I assume if the MS box is assigning IPs my network has dropped to 80211b and all my speedbooster stuff is a waste. Sorry obviously I am a tech idiot but I appreciate any advice- I found out I can't return the Linksys, I only had 14 days, and when it works, it works great, I just don't want to have to go downstairs and knock everyone offline every time we want to start up a laptop....
  4. t4thfavor

    t4thfavor Network Guru Member

    the mn-500(microsuck) is trying to give ips?
    unplug it and flash new firmware on the GS mine both work fine
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest


    sorry about the confusion, but no the MN500 is disconnected, put away, and was replaced by the Linksys GS. The MN500 worked fine but I wanted to upgrade to wireless G and try out speedbooster (I got a speedbooster PC card for my older laptop). But I flashed/upgraded firmware twice- first time to the latest linksys firmware (confirmed with their tech support that it was the latest, and done correctly), and more recently after their tech suport concluded I had a defective router as a last ditch effort I tried Hyperwrt. That did not solve the problem either. I still have to shut down the entire network and reboot to get all the computers online. Otherwise, the wired one connects almost all of the time (only when i reboot the router or do something that causes it to go offline sometimes it won't get the connection back), but the laptops are hit and miss.
  6. t4thfavor

    t4thfavor Network Guru Member

    try dd-wrtv23final its the best for sure
  7. Anonymous

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    OK so I loaded DD-WRT v23 and...

    OK so I loaded DD-WRT v23 and...
    all the computers on the network are still not getting IP assignments as they should- still hit'n'miss. In fact now my wired pc is getting knocked offline for no apparent reason so it's actually worse than before. When that happens I can't even log into the router until I reboot everything. I see thought that DD-WRT is highly configurable, but for a not-so-highly-technical guy like me I suspect there is some way to configure the router better to solve my problem- forcing it to give out those IPs everytime a client boots up. I've read the DD-WRT documentation available online but it's pretty much over my head. I had my eye on Administration>services>DHCPd and the options there to assign static IPs to the wireless clients' MAC addresses, am I on to something there? Once again, any help appreciated very much.
  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Nevermind, I'm such a dummy

    talked to a freind, all I had to do is assign IPs manually to each of the laptops and they connect fine- bypass the DHCP altogether cuz that shite ain't doin its job. Heck I guess the flaw even makes my wireless network more secure cuz ain't given out no IPs automatically.
  9. gotamd

    gotamd Network Guru Member

    Yeah, you can disable DHCP altogether and just assign IPs to your machines locally (make sure none of them overlap ;) ). I also had a problem with a WRT54GS v2 and DD-WRT v23 DHCP. It seemed to go out sometimes. Getting rid of DHCP and manually assigning IPs works like a charm though. You could also try Thibor's HyperWRT firmware.
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