Deleted HDD_1_1_1!!! and user access right for a fat32 drive???

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by ssmith369, Jan 25, 2007.

  1. ssmith369

    ssmith369 LI Guru Member

    Sorry if this has already been discussed, but searched the forum, and couldn't find it.

    I have a NSLU2 succesfully Unslung to a 1GB USB stick on Port 2. I also have connected a 320GB external hard drive on port 1 formatted as FAT32.

    Everything was working fine, but I went and deleted the HDD_1_1_1 share last night, as I didn't want these files visible from the outside world. (I currently have the NSLU2 accesible from the Internet.

    The HDD_1_1_1 share was allowing everyone access to the files, and it was classified on the WEB interface as (Public Data). This is obviously not desirable.

    Is it possible to setup user access to the 320GB fat32 drive, or is my only option to always have it available?

    How can I recreate the HDD_1_1_1 share for the FAT32 drive?

    What I would really like to be able to do (what I was trying to do) is to be able to access the 320GB disk from the internet with user and password (not public) and keep the drive formatted as FAT32. Is this possible.

    I don't mind if I have to add extra packages etc. As I have a bit of Linux knowledge, and really like to learn.

    I can't change the Format of the drive, as I use it to store files that I then stream to a Archos 604 Wifi which doesn't support ext3 drives.

    Any help much appreciated.


  2. d__l

    d__l Network Guru Member

    It is not possible to password a FAT32 drive as the passwords, users, and group shares are saved within a special file on ext3 drives. FAT32 drives have none of this.
  3. ssmith369

    ssmith369 LI Guru Member

    @d___l - Thanks for the reply. This was what I was afraid of.

    How do I recreate the shares on the FAT32 drive that was there originally?


  4. d__l

    d__l Network Guru Member

    That I'm not certain about. Have you tried unplugging the drive from the NSLU2 with everything powered off and then powering up the NSLU2? Then power down again and replug the drive into the unit. Hopefully this should re-initialize the recognition of the FAT32 drive. I don't think anything concerning the deletion was stored on it, but only on your flash ext3 drive.
  5. ssmith369

    ssmith369 LI Guru Member

    That worked great. Thanks for the info.

    It is a real shame that you can't password protect the files on a FAT32 drive.

    Is there any addon package that I can install to do this?

    I can access my router from the internet, so my only workaround at the moment is to enable the NSLU2 port forward when I need it. No very elegant though.


  6. d__l

    d__l Network Guru Member

    Do you want it so that only you can reach the FAT32 from the internet?

    I guess you could port forward/translate through your router obscure unused ports to reach port 80 and the FTP ports. This wouldn't allow perfect security, but it is doubtful someone could stumble on to your secret port accesses.

    As another possibility, you could set up a VPN tunnel in your router to access the NSLU2. Then you would have even more security at the cost of some encryption overhead. On your remote computer, you would need a VPN client.
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