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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Shroudedrage, Jul 1, 2005.

  1. Shroudedrage

    Shroudedrage Guest

    I currently use a WMP54G wireless adapter (updated with the newest firmware provided by linksys)and the wireless router is a WRT54GS v1.0. Now my problem is that the the wireless router is owned by my landlord and its in my contract that I can use it. My apartment is in the basement and unfortunately i'm literally surrounded by brick walls (which as you all know kills signal). I currently can't break a low strength signal and my signal fades out fairly often. Worst of all I'm big into online gaming (particuarly WoW which additionally has connectivity problems of its own with the wrt54g/wrt54gs series of routers) Does anyone have any ideas of things i can do to boost my adapters strength or a better choice for a wireless adapter. I'm currently on my 2nd adapter here and since I don't own the router there is little I can do from the router persepective if anythign at all (the router is also on channel 6 and i'm wondering if switching to 11 or 1 would make a significant difference). I'm open to any suggestions if anyone has any :).
  2. cromrell

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    Here are some hardware suggestions. As you are connecting to a Linksys Router, I doubt that there are adapters which will perform better than a native Linksys...

    1) Request the landlord install a WAP54G (wireless access point) downstairs. This is a "wired" device which would plug into the Ethernet Network (run a network wire downstairs). It would provide a second wifi "spot", and give you 100% connection -depending on how far away you are from the WAP.

    2) Install a Range Expander WRE54G (wireless Range Expander) between your poor signal and the router. This device will essentially "bounce" the WIFI signal. This is similar to the WAP, but without requiring Ethernet wires. However the WRE bandwidth is cut in half (27 MBS). Of course, if you are gaming over the internet -it is doubtful that that the broadband connection is greater than 3 MBS... so this would only have an impact when participating in LAN games (within the network).

    3A) Install High Gain antennas on the WRT54GS (HGA7T). This should increase the range of the device without requiring any firmware changes.

    3B) Install High Gain antennas on the WMP54G (HGA7S). This should increase the range of the device without requiring any firmware changes

    3C) Antenna Stands for WMP54G/WRT54GS
    You might also be able to run an extension between the wifi card and the antenna using an antenna stand (AS1SMA). This could get you six feet closer to a better signal -which might make an impact if there is a lot of interference where your tower is currently located.

    4) Alternate firmware on the WRT54GS. It is my understanding that some of the alternate firmware allows users to "power-up" the signal, increasing the range. Of course this might be at the expense of something else...

    5) WMP54GS (PCI network adapter w/ Speedbooster).
    It is my understanding that SpeedBooster technology increases wifi speed performance (up to 35%), I don't know if it actually improves signal strength (like the SRX technology). But it might improve signal strength using the "speedbooster".

    Hope this helps...
  3. DaSingh

    DaSingh Network Guru Member

    Buy or make out own cAnntenna, this should improve the signal but im no expert im just getting into the whole wifi thing myself so if im wrong im sure someone will point it out :)
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