device list populated with duplicate MAC addresses

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by agidi, Jul 3, 2010.

  1. agidi

    agidi LI Guru Member

    Need help from you gurus.

    I've got one that's puzzling me.

    Got a WRT54GL running 1.27 Tomato, all nice and dandy until

    I noticed 7~9 devices showing the same MAC address.
    (no foul play from users)

    Everything works nicely inside the LAN

    But when I port forwarded access for some of the LAN IPs that had wrong MAC address, I could not reach them from the outside. (that's how I noticed they had wrong MACs)

    See screenshot:

    Note... those with duplicate MAC's don't have lease time.

    Almost everything in the LAN has DHCP on, my range is to 190, the fixed devices have IPs in the lower .2~.60

    I don't know why or how to delete them.

    All ideas or comments are appreciated.

  2. ripat

    ripat LI Guru Member


    Did you check the content of /tmp/var/lib/misc/dnsmasq.leases ?
  3. agidi

    agidi LI Guru Member

    I just did, but what I'm I looking for there?

  4. ripat

    ripat LI Guru Member

    • Is that file consistent with the list displayed by the GUI? I had once a problem with double IP allocation to the very same MAC address. I remember trouble shooting the problem by looking into that dnsmasq.leases file and the syslog file on one end, and the return of a dhcp request on the client side (high verbosity). The problem was on the client side. One reason can be that the client requests a static IP and dnsmasq tries to allocate another static IP to that MAC (nvram dhcpd_static).
    • dnsmasq also look into the /etc/hosts file and its own hosts files, if any, as defined in the dnsmasq.conf (addn-hosts option).
    • Did you change the default value of the local-ttl option in the dnsmasq.conf?
    • Also check the value of the lease time nvram dhcpd_slt passed to the dnsmasq during its start-up.
    These are only trouble shooting tricks. Lets us know if you find the cause of that problem.
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