DHCP expiring

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by takabanana, Aug 25, 2004.

  1. takabanana

    takabanana Network Guru Member

    I've got my WRT54G set up with the latest Satori build....

    How can I get the DHCP assigned clients to NOT expire the IP?

    '0' is set to be 24 hrs... I need "unlimited"...

    otherwise, I have to reboot the router every day... or else my Packet8 DTA and my laptop (both which use DHCP) will stop working after 24 hours...
    My laptop.. i take to work every day.. when i get home, i connect it up to the router. I can never get an IP assigned... unless I reboot the router. After that, the laptop (and the Packet8 DTA) work fine... until next day...

    anyone? Or do I have some other setting set wrong?
  2. SpirIT

    SpirIT Network Guru Member

    Try using "Static Allocations" for the Dhcpd at the Administration menu.


    cu greetz
  3. takabanana

    takabanana Network Guru Member

    dhcpd Static Allocations

    What does that do? What is the meaning of it and how do i set it up?
  4. SpirIT

    SpirIT Network Guru Member

    This means:
    The IP address is bound to special MAC address.
    You tell the dhcp server that everytime a client with this specific MAC address is asking for a IP address, it will get the same IP and no other.

    The setup is very easy (and described above the field)

    "( Format: IP MAC Hostname )"

    e.g. : 00:e0:4c:49:a3:e0 server

    I don't know if this will fix your problem, but why not trying it?

    cu greetz
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