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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by pr3m, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. pr3m

    pr3m Network Guru Member


    I set up a wireless network with WRT54G and several WAP54G-s in my office. I used WRT54G, because I wanted to create separate subnet for wifi users.
    We're using our own DHCP server (MS server 2000), but now that I've connected WRT54G with its DHCP to the switch, there are 2 DHCP servers on the network and clients get IP-s randomly from them.
    I need to have LAN port of WRT54G connected to the switch, because I use WPA with RADIUS and RADIUS server is on other LAN.
    Any ideas how to keep WRT54G DHCP for wireless clients ONLY and our current DHCP server for the LAN clients? May be some firmware enables keeping DHCP service separate on LAN and wireless?
  2. 4Access

    4Access Network Guru Member

    Hmm... your configuration sounds a bit odd.

    Assuming your wireless clients are actually using a different subnet from your main network things should be configured something like:
    - Main network subnet: (All computers have an IP address of 192.168.1.X)
    - Wireless network subnet: (All computers have an IP address of 192.168.2.X)

    If that's the case and your RADIUS server is part of your main network it doesn't make sense to run a cable from your main network to a LAN port on the WRT since the LAN interface of the WRT and the RADIUS server are on different subnets and won't be able to communicate directly. (Unless there's more to your configuration you haven't mentioned.)

    Maybe you're using the term subnet differently...?

    I think you need to give us some IP addresses so we can sort this out.

    1. Your main network is using what subnet? (What is the IP address range and subnet mask for the machines connected to your main network.)
    2. What is the IP address of your RADIUS server.
    3. What subnet do you want the wireless clients to use? (What IP address range.)

    Fill in a bit more info and we can get this working. :)
  3. pr3m

    pr3m Network Guru Member

    Sorry for delay.

    The main network subnet:
    Wireless neetwork subnet:

    Radius server IP is
    The DHCP server for network is

    The WRT54G WAN port is configured as and LAN port is

    What I want is that LAN would get IP addresses from DHCP server and Wireless LAN would get IP addresses from (WRT54G).

    May be I've done some stupid mistake somewhere? I'm sure there is a simple solution for this.
  4. 4Access

    4Access Network Guru Member

    With your configuration you should connect the cable from your main network to the WAN port on the WRT. That should get you up and running and eliminate the DHCP problem. You might also want to switch the WRT from Gateway to Router mode (Setup > Advanced Routing page) so that the WRT doesn't perform NAT between the two subnets.

    Good luck!
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