DHCP / Router mode issue

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by JorisD, Mar 30, 2005.

  1. JorisD

    JorisD Network Guru Member

    I've an issue with the HyperWRT firmware (was running 2.0 on WRT 2.2 hardware).

    The issue is the following configuration:

    Routing mode: Router (should no do NAT)
    Local IP: / (unchanged)
    DHCP: Default setting -> Enabled from .100 for 50 IPs
    Internet IP:
    - either static
    - or DHCP assigning
    RIP enabled on all interfaces (is updating the routing table)
    Wireless: My name, channel 3, 67% power
    Wireless security: WEP 128-bit

    My own LAN going upstream (through a firewall PC) to the Internet. Most systems are here at short range for the Internet gateway. They don't use the WRT54.
    Wireless clients should connect through the WRT54 and should be on a seperate subnet (namely 192.168.1.x).

    The laptops (new jewel with Intel Centrino 801.11g WLAN and another laptop with seperate 11b card). Both WinXP btw.
    The stuff did work when wireless security was off and router mode was gateway. They correctly connected and obtained an IP address and loaded an web page.

    When configuration the above the laptops ask for a password (key), connects and doesn't obtain a network configuration.
    Setting a static IP doesn't resolve the problem either, I still cannot communicate with the router.
    Funny thing is that my PC's on the 'Internet' port can ping all the routers IP addresses.

    Why the separate subnet, this was done to prevent some PCs from being reached unless you are physically connected. Also allows me to log this a bit better so I know what traffic was from the wireless network.

    This problem plagued me for a long time now and I'm getting really annoyed, as I don't understand where the problem is (though I got the impression that router mode has some strange side-effects). Anyone famillier with this problem or know a solution?


    Before I forget again:
    The Windows machines don't get a IP address from the DHCP. Setting a fixed Ip address of and ping is timing out (packet lost somewhere) ...
  2. JorisD

    JorisD Network Guru Member

    Slight update:
    Disabling wireless security solves the problem.
    Now my firewall blocks my Internet access, which is GOOD.
    (The wireless stuff is working(!), exposing my network. I have better control over my firewall than over my wireless connection)

    What am I doing wrong? Will Windows complain when entering the incorrect key and what key should be provided to Windows?
  3. JorisD

    JorisD Network Guru Member

    Another slight update:

    After messing a bit with the WEP keys (tried a different one) it was working. Could selecting key 3 be the problem (all 4 had identical keys).
    Sorry for bothering you...

    How does this works/happens anyways?

    Does anyone have good pointers on how to secure the network connection with a packet filter based on the MAC address?
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