DHCP table doesn't list any of my machines? (befw11s4)

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by trpltongue, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. trpltongue

    trpltongue Guest

    Hey all,

    First time poster here, but I'm pretty familiar with networking and routers. I recently switched my network up because of a physical change in my home's layout and have had some problems.

    My current network looks like this:

    DSL modem-->befw11s4 (wireless router) -->4-port switch -->5-port switch-->server pc (static ip address)

    In the past I was using a D-link wired router, and now I'm using the linksys wireless in it's place.

    My server is running a small app called badblue as a photo server using port 8888. With the D-link I used port forwarding to send all internet requests on port 8888 to my server on port 8888 and I had no problem accessing the photo server from the intrAnet or internet.

    However, I set up port forwarding on the Linksys and now I can't access the photo server from inside or outside my network. To further complicate things, when viewing the DHCP table on the D-link, my server and laptop (when hardwired) would both show up. However, on the Linksys, only my laptop shows up. As far as the Linksys router is concerned, the server doesn't exist?

    I could really use some help as I use the photo sever quite regularly and really need to get it working again.

    Thanks all,

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