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Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by phild_mande, Nov 19, 2004.

  1. phild_mande

    phild_mande Network Guru Member

    It's my first message in this forum
    I buy a linksys GS in place of a netgear to solve problems and to be able to use Linux access to the wrt box.
    Your HyperWrt is a great job, just adding good fonctionnality to standard Linksys firmware, I download the source and also extract the cramfs to see what append.
    With 2.Ob3 I have a small problem
    DHCP clients are not listed (Status/Local Network/DHCP Cli...), so we do not see we are connected to the Linksys by DHCP, unfortunnaltly we do not see other PC with fixe address (it's a security point) I solve this point by adding iptables rules to open only authorized address from br0 ...
    I also verify the busybox version, so you use 0.60 in this version I do not know if you can activate other fonctions like in Busybox 1.0
    for ex. : mount , netstat (very usefull for network survey, etc.) I try (with success) to put the busybox (1.0) from batbox on your 2.0b2 with all this fonctionnality (I test in 2.0b3 tomorow)
    Last question I see an iptables-restore command, but not a iptables-save (standard tools) what is the format or how to make a save file that we can use with iptables-restore, i am interested to put my own iptables rules, and it's faster by iptables tools that create shell.

    Sorry for my English ... I am french ... nobody is perfect.
    Thanks again for your great job.

  2. phild_mande

    phild_mande Network Guru Member

    More details


    More details about my test

    Friday 19
    upgrade to 2.0b3
    No Reset to Factory default
    DHCP renew on all P.C.'s
    No clients in list :oops:
    thru telnet /tmp/udhcpd.leases size 0 date Novenber 19
    cat /tmp/udhcpd.leases = nothing
    Saturday 20
    Renew on all P.C. add a laptop, all receive IP in dhcp range
    No clients in list :oops:
    udhcpd.leaeses null date Nov 19
    reload to 2.0b2
    No reset
    renew all PC
    all is OK :lol:
    upgrade to 2.0b3
    relaod param.
    renew all PC
    client list OK :lol:

    So the problem is close but I don't know wy and how

    Philippe :lol:
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