Did I struck gold on a WRT54G V5 ?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by iote, Mar 18, 2006.

  1. iote

    iote Network Guru Member

    Well, this is one of those "ended up w/ a V5 hardware", with a twist.
    To make a long story short. I decided to open up that V5 crap to find out if maybe Linksys had srewed up some more and accidentally changed Flash and RAM... Well, I think they did...


    CDFBXXXXXX (V5 serial)


    Hynix HY57V641620ET (16mb)

    MX29LV160C (16mb) comments on this please...

    here are the pictures I took:

    notice the v4 on the upper left corner, despite the v5 serial

    check out those chips datasheets... am I completely mistaken?

    Now I wonder, will I be able to load an alternate firmware on this V4-5 hybrid even if it runs VxWorks? Is there a way to confirm it's got 16/16mb without bricking it?

    Caio Zanolla.
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    all i cna think of is you have the last of the v4's from the production line before the v5 label was out.

    can you confirm what firmware version you have?

    v1.00.x = v5

    v4.20.x = should be a v4
  3. iote

    iote Network Guru Member

    It is a V5...

    Firmware Version: v1.00.0
  4. Dreamster

    Dreamster Network Guru Member

    It seems linksys have some problems with their labeling. My V2.2 has a MAC address that differs from the one on the sticker.
  5. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    are you sure your checking the correct page for the mac address?

    http://router ip/Status_Lan.asp

    should show the correct address.
  6. iote

    iote Network Guru Member

    labeling and apparently more...
    can anyone confirm it is indeed a 16mb Flash and a 16mb DRAM?
  7. iote

    iote Network Guru Member


    Firmware Version:v1.00.0 , Aug 23 2005
    Boot Version:1.01.2

    11g RF Status:enabled(HW)
    11g RF Firmware Version:
    11g RF Domain:US(channel 1~11)
    11g RF Channel:11
    11g RF SSID:linksys

    ----- Dynamic Information

    11g RF Mac Address:00:14:BF:8D:90:BD
    LAN Mac Address:00:14:BF:8D:90:BB
    WAN Mac Address:00:14:BF:8D:90:BC
    Hardware version:1.0
    Device Serial No.:CDFB0E9N1635

    Serial don't match the label, neither the MAC...
  8. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    The label mac address is totally wrong you cannot possibly have G and N in a hexidecimal number. 0-9 and A-F only :thumb:

    considering you have a v5 yet the label say v4 i wouldn't go by you label at all.
  9. crawdaddy

    crawdaddy Network Guru Member

    wait....isn't CGN the prefix for the GS line of WRTs? WTF did linksys do to generate a label like that. That is the weirdest thing I have ever seen.. :eek:
  10. iote

    iote Network Guru Member

    How about the 16Meg Flash chip?
    Please take a look at the pcb picture... Theres a 16MB DRAM and a 16MB FLASH chip...
    Have anyone seen anything like it?
  11. dvaskelis

    dvaskelis Network Guru Member

    Well, it certainly seems odd. But, it sounds like a plain old WRT54G v5 with very screwed up external labeling:

    Labeling screw ups:

    WRT54G v4 model label sticker...
    WRT54G v5 serial number sticker that doesn't match SysInfo...
    WRT54GS v3 serial number sticker where the MAC address should be....

    But the guts of a WRT54G v5:

    WRT54G v5 firmware...
    WRT54G v5 serial number reported by SysInfo.htm...

    Also, for the chips, I think you're confusing Mbits with MBytes. The RAM is 64Mbit, which is 8MB. The flash is 16Mbit, which is 2MB.
  12. iote

    iote Network Guru Member

    Yes, you're absolutely right, it is indeed a 2/8MB...
    I guess I was so eager for this to be true I've missed that Mbit...
    Well, got to sell it... thanks everyone...
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