Did NSLU2 kill my disk?!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by donotdespisethesnake, Jul 18, 2005.

  1. donotdespisethesnake

    donotdespisethesnake Network Guru Member

    Probably not, but it hasn't been the same since. :(

    After a failed attempt to format a disk with my NSLU2, I installed the disk Maxtor 80GB) on a Windows PC to have a look at it, but my PC wont even POST, it comes up with 8D. Its an AWARD Bios but I can't find what this means. I put the disk as a slave with a spare disk as master, now it boots DOS from a floppy, but fdisk dies with a "Divide by zero" error. I've tried a "low level format" with Maxtor utility (PowerMax), but I get the same problems (PowerMax says the drive is OK).

    I guess there is a corrupt MBR/partition table somewhere, but how do you recover it if fdisk fails? (I can't use fdisk /mbr because the PC won't boot with the disk set to master).

    At least the NSLU2 is now working with a Maxtor 40GB instead. :)
  2. rashani

    rashani Network Guru Member

    I had something similiar happen once, so I grabbed a Linux disk and installed LILO (linux loader). Cleared the MBR when everything else wouldn't, and then I reformated after that sucessfully.

    Worth a shot. :oops:
  3. donotdespisethesnake

    donotdespisethesnake Network Guru Member

    After a few more attempts, I cleared it and formatted it on the 3rd go with the NSLU2. Formatting a disk really shouldn't be that difficult!

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