did someone get a stable vpn tunnel w two wrv54g / dyn ips?

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by Wisi, Jul 9, 2005.

  1. Wisi

    Wisi Network Guru Member

    someone got this thing workin stable?

    we have 2 wrv54g on adsl connection to create a vpn tunnel

    connecting to internet is working without any problems via pppoe. in both routers the dyndns information is stored.
    linksys checked our config and told me everything is correct but it is really fucked up every few hours.
    we have no static ips so the dyndns name is stored in the vpn settings via FQDN.
    the vpn tunnel is working but it's getting disconnected after some time. keep alive function didn't help, only manual disconnect and connect. after that all works again for some hours.

    the routers don't reconnect the vpn tunnel after getting a disconnect on one side. i think the problem is the changing ip.

    sometimes the routers even don't answer on ping requests after a few hours of uptime.

    linksys already mailed me the 2.38 firmware, didn't help either.

    someone has the same problem?
  2. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    WRV54g To WRV54G Configuration

    The key thing is to make sure you have "static ip's" assigned. If not, dynamic dns is another solution, but static "is" the defacto standard when hosting vpn connections.

    On of the other users (Kompressor) has had vpn running between two WRV54G's. Check the posts below he left for everyone:



  3. Wisi

    Wisi Network Guru Member

    as i already wrote i have two dyndns accounts which are updated via the wrv54g automatically.

    settings don't matter, i already got the right ones. linksys confirmed that, too.

    but my problem consists in the heavy crashes of the wrv54g.
    tonight the router on my side crashed an i had to make a warm start.
    this effect appears within every 24 hours at least on one router.

    static is not possible, the dsl provider doesn't offer static ips. but 24 hours the same ip should be enough, after that the routers should check out the changes.
    problem therefore is that one router still shows "connected" and the other says "waiting for connection". if you make a manual reconnect on the "connected" router the vpn is alive again.
    how can that be when "keep alive" is activated. it seems there is no real check for an established vpn.

    also the vpn tunnel disconnects after some hours without any reason. logviewer cannot be used because it's crashing while monitoring the routers.

    nice work linksys...

    do you expect a hardware error -> at least the router should work stable for internet connection but it simply doesn't. these crashes are really annoying.
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