Did the LinksysInfo Forums go down last night?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by basmic, Oct 8, 2006.

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  1. basmic

    basmic LI Guru Member

    I can't remember exactly when I posted, but I'll hazard a guess and say that about 9pm (UK time) I made a post, regarding my WRT54GS router.

    Now I've tried to find my thread, and I can't find it. I know for a fact somebody replied to it, too!

    As well as not being able to find my thread, I noticed there have been no replies in the WRTXXX Routers forum, since 06/10/2006. :eek:

    So - did the forums have a heart attack last night? I did notice they were flakey last night - but what with me having a blocked ear and cold, I can't remember exactly when I made my post.
  2. MAS3

    MAS3 LI Guru Member

    Yes, it was gone for a while

    I posted a question late last friday (CET).
    Tried to see if there were replies yesterday, but the site was gone.
    Tried a ping to linksysinfo.org without succes.
    I found out that this url could not be resolved.
    So looks like some DNS trouble.
    Maybe some server trouble, would be nice if administrator or a moderator told us what happened.

    Googling for some info on this, i found that there were no recent questions about this disappearance to be found this way.
    But i did find some questions indicating that something like this happens ofter.

    Now the site is back, but my post is gone.
    Seems like a backup was put up here.
    That's a real disappointment, i'll have to retype the whole thing and try not to leave anything out. :frown:
    Well, sh*t happens..
  3. basmic

    basmic LI Guru Member

    Bugger, time to backup my post then. :biggrin::thumbup:
  4. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    yep we did go down yesterday with a DNS issue. we have also been running slow due to DoS attacks against the server.
  5. gvde

    gvde LI Guru Member

    What is so hard to admit that you recovered your server from a backup? I had registered and posted a question in a forum. Then the server was down. And now I just registered again with the same nick I used before. My post is gone. The notification for an answer I received before the server went down now points to a complete different thread. In situations like that, I would except the administrators to post a note right at the top of the forum explaining what happened and apologizing for the loss of posts and registrations.

    Instead I have looked and searched until I found that. It took a couple of days until I could register again as the anti-bot image did not work. The fun part about that: when the registration fails the software tells you to contact the administrator. If you want to do that the software tells you to register. Haha...
  6. binderz77

    binderz77 Network Guru Member

    Does anyone recognise their duty to donate or ask about how the site is run? Everyone expects to be given notice....

    This is a great resource...Let's keep it that way!!!
  7. Disman_ca

    Disman_ca Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    gvde: Just think about it for a second. If a server is getting pounded with a DoS attack, wouldn't you rather be able to access the service instead of an administrator typing a feel good message about why or why not? I mean really, whats the point in rubbing salt in it. Simon has always been good at getting the message out. Chances are he is working hard at correcting any issues as a result of the service disruption.
  8. gvde

    gvde LI Guru Member

    Sorry, but what is so hard to put up a short note telling people that the server went down due to a DoS and the system had to be restored from a backup and a couple of hours of posts and registrations have been lost? All I can find is that there was a DoS and a DNS issue? Nothing about data lost. Running servers is one thing. But users provide help here and nothing is more annoying then being locked out or losing your threads and then not even finding a single indication about it from the administrators.

    It takes about a minute or two to put up such a note... Put it into a section with latest server news.
  9. Disman_ca

    Disman_ca Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    I'm sure something will come out soon.
  10. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    ii takes a minute to put it up? but what if i can't post? :eek: you have just joined the forums as i see you have only posted 2 posts, both moaning. if you dont like the service well......

    I cannot do something that is not under my control. if the site is down which it has been for a number of days, then i cannot post updates. as for the backups. the database is backed up every night, however how can this be restored if the site keeps going down? it can't/

    the news is plain and simple.

    until the issues of DNS, DoS, hard disk failure, and MySQL or whatever are sorted once and for all i wont post "latest server news" until i have been told officially myself.

    if the problem is not fixed soon then we will be looking a new host, this will mean MORE DOWNTIME so get used to it.
  11. Esquire

    Esquire Mesquire Staff Member Member

    Please be patient, folks. I'm sure Simon is doing his best to sort out the current issues. Please give him time and room.
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