Difference between RV082 and RV016

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by fowen, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. fowen

    fowen Network Guru Member

    Is the only difference between the RV082 and the RV016 16 LAN ports and the ability to use up to 7 ports for wan?
  2. fowen

    fowen Network Guru Member

    Well, after quite a bit of research and also calling the Linksys Sales line I found out the following.

    1. RV016 has a TOTAL of 16 ports. You can use 5 of these ports for WAN connections. It does not have dedicated WAN or DMZ ports like the RV082.

    2. Linksys has only tested this device using three WAN connections in Auto Failover mode and will only support Auto Failover mode. If you use more then 3 connections or want to Load Balance them, your on your own.

    3. With the new firmware you can go up to 100 IPSec tunnels (50 on the RV082), 15 QuickVPN Clients (5 on RV082) and 10 PPTP Clients (5 on RV082). I am not sure if the RV082 will support more connections with future releases to firmware but I doubt it.

    4. Support class A/B/C IP address in Protocol binding

    5. QoS Enhancement, able to support ESP, GRE and L2TP


    Does anyone see anything I am missing or some miss information?
  3. d__l

    d__l Network Guru Member

    From the most recent RV082 change log:
  4. YeOldeStonecat

    YeOldeStonecat Network Guru Member

    Also the 016 has 64 megs of RAM, the 082 has 32 megs.
  5. fowen

    fowen Network Guru Member

    It does look like they made the change in the RV082 for the tunnels before they made the change in the RV016.

    I was also mistaken about the number of ports on the RV016. There is a dedicated (I think it is dedicated anyway) DMZ port and 7 possible WAN ports.

    The Linksys tech also told me that they release firmware for the RV042 and the RV082 before the RV016. The firmware releases can include enhancements, security fixes and also performance tweaks. They say they release the RV042 and the RV082 firmware before the RV016 because the small port versions are more popular.

    It also seems the RV016 has a more advanced version of QoS. You can assign priorities to certain protocols. I am not sure how well it works but I will be testing this out over the next few weeks.
  6. d__l

    d__l Network Guru Member

    Did tech explain, if they release firmware for the RV042 and the RV082 before the RV016, how do both the RV042 and the RV016 manage to have firmwares dated 3/01/2006, while the RV082's firmware is dated 7/28/2005?

    I think the tech was blowing smoke.
  7. ydef

    ydef Network Guru Member

    Actually I think the rv016 and the rv042 are based on the same architecture, which is different from the rv082 ... which would explain the similar release dates for the rv016 and rv042.
  8. YeOldeStonecat

    YeOldeStonecat Network Guru Member

    I don't believe "release dates" have any relevance to differences/features.

    I'd say release dates are more relevant to added features, but fixes...and demand (number of units out there...and imporance of bug features)

    The RV082 is a popular unit...hit mainstream fairly quickly, firmware matured quickly.

    The RV016 was released without some features which they did plan to add...it was released and hit the retail chains with a firmware that did not support PPTP VPN, which was in demand...they addressed that with an updated firmware which added PPTP VPN. There was another PPTP VPN glitch which they fixed recently....(several months ago I think that firmware was released...it wasn't allowing several PPTP VPN users at the same time..one would log in kicking off a prior user)...so yet another firmware was released for that particular feature.

    So that's 2x firmwares released for the RV016...which had a main focus on PPTP VPN...which has absolutely no relation to the RV042...since the RV042 does not support PPTP VPN..nor will it...as it does not have enough memory for that feature.

    As for future firmwares being released at/on similar dates...it could be as they ad features to the entire RV0 family. Take a look at the site map ..currently on my RV082 at home...there are 5x empty legs on the site map...pointing to features that are not there yet.
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