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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by portucale, Oct 18, 2004.

  1. portucale

    portucale Network Guru Member

    hi guys

    my problem is simple. i take too long to load the page for change the
    settings ( of my wag54g. in other pages (on internet) i do
    not have problem and surf very well and using azureus (torrent downloads)
    and ftp, for example, have no problem at all.

    the version of firmware is 1.02.1.

    i have tried to reset to defaults by pushing the reset botton for 20-30
    segunds, but after restart, the problems still the same.

    i have send a email to the Support where is Portugal, and i'm waiting for
    answers... till there, i hop to get help here first :lol:

    tks in advance
  2. job

    job Network Guru Member

    Update to latest firmware & try again.

    Don't forget, after doing firmware update to completely reset the unit.

    If that fails, clear ur browsers cache & try again.
  3. portucale

    portucale Network Guru Member

    didn't work :(

    i don't know what to do more....
  4. job

    job Network Guru Member

    What browser are u using ??

    Have u tried another one, to see if it makes a difference ??

    I used to have that problem, pages freezing when loading or in general just taking ages to load.

    Problem went away after i had reinstalled operating system, i reckon'd it was something in the cache.
  5. portucale

    portucale Network Guru Member

    normaly i use firefox, but in iexplorer appends the same...

    and i use another pc and it's equal!

    the linksys support tell me to install a older firware and try again, but still the same...
  6. job

    job Network Guru Member

    Let's face it, these linksys firmware's are full of bugs.

    Bugs linksys don't seem to want to sort out for us.

    Personally, i'm thinking about buying a wireless router that does what it's supposed to do. Anyone got any recommendations ???
  7. portucale

    portucale Network Guru Member

    my only problem is to work with the interface web to configure stuff, because the rest i have no problem...

    the linksys support reply my messages but it doesn't solve the problem....
  8. job

    job Network Guru Member

    Does the reporting feature of ur router work ok ???

    On mine, if i make any changes & try to save, gives me a javascript error.
    Have tried with firefox aswell, but still the same.
  9. portucale

    portucale Network Guru Member

    didn't try that

    i have only changed the ip adress (, and limit the wireless connection for the referer MACadresses. DHCP enable and PPPoA internet connection. this were the only things that i have configure... it's to slow to try other configurations menus

    the strange thing is that i have one configuration that was no problem with the interface. it was like a vulgar internet page!
  10. job

    job Network Guru Member

    Did the firmware update correctly ?? What ver is in the top right hand side of the screen when u login to router ??

    Should be 1.02.5

    Make sure, after firmware update to do a complete reset of the unit.
    Press reset button for 30 secs, let go & disconnect power.
    Leave for 20-30 secs & plug back in.

    If it has updated to the new rev. firmware & ur still getting slow problems with the interface, try all the older firmwares & see if any make a difference. If not & ur sure it's not something related to ur pc, send it back to Linksys for replacement.
  11. portucale

    portucale Network Guru Member

    well problem solved finally

    after lots of lost (or not!) time the problem was in my computer!!!

    the router was nothing to do

    i solve the problem doing:

    1st -> reset Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) in Windows XP

    2nd -> How to Recover from Winsock2 corruption (i think that was were the BIG problem)

    now i just have to solve my nat problems when using torrents :wink:
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