Directory browsing is very very slow...

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by denony, Jul 24, 2006.

  1. denony

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    I own a NSLU2 with 2.3RA5 ( = R63 with Multilanguage support).

    Files transfers between NSLU2 and PCs are done at 4 Mbytes/s, but directory browsing are very very slow… When the PC sends a “directory listing†command†(dir), when I click on the yellow folder in Windows XP explorer, I have to wait for minutes to see the directory files :-(
    According to DU Meter (which displays the bitrate between the NSLU2 and the PC), the speed is only 1 kBytes / s with big pauses (4 or 5 seconds) when directory listing is send by NSLU2 to the PC.

    There is no firewall enabled on the PC. The router is a WRT54GS. Upnp is disabled on NSLU2.

    By the way, I’ve shared disks between my NSLU2 and my Siemens M740 (a Linux based DVB-Terrestrial tuner with 100 Mbit/s Ethernet port), but I have the same issue… File transfer are quick but directory browsing are very slow.

    May be a Samba issue ?

    Can you help me ?

    Thank you

  2. bradlee

    bradlee Network Guru Member

    I have had similar issues with my slug. Supposedly this firmware was supposed to fix some speed issues, however my experience was similar to yours. One thing I could recommend is to reset to factory settings and reformat the hard drive. I don't have any evidence that this will help, but it's about the only thing you can do with a stock linksys firmware. Also, if you are using a FAT drive, you should format it with the nslu2 to get the best hard drive performance (although the linux-standard ext3 filesystem is unreadable to windows machines).

    I have had luck with the firmwares from (currently running openslug) which puts a basic linux system on your slug. You can then ssh to it and install samba and configure it with some speed-boosting options. From the wiki there:

    OpenSlug breaks linksys firmware compatibility, but there's also a relase called unslung which retains linksys binaries and allows you to go back to a stock firmware. Flashing the OpenSlug will void your warranty, while I believe unslung will not (not 100% positive though - continue at your own risk). If you can think of a way to get the socket options into the smb.conf on the flash disk, you may be able to increas your performance.

    There is also a hardware mod (definitely voids your warranty) to de-underclock the cpu (rated for 266mHz but linksys has pulled it down to 133mHz). Best of luck.

  3. Mujja

    Mujja Network Guru Member

    I'll try the above smb settings tonight and report back tomorrow.

    The default settings are;

    For some reason mine was set to;

    That setting was from another tip I read somewhere.

    The problem I have is loading thumbnails for 200+ folders is VERY slow. Also scanning only 5GB of music into WMP Media Library is slow.
  4. sdubose99

    sdubose99 LI Guru Member

  5. LevelB

    LevelB Network Guru Member

    I am having the same (or very similar) issues.

    I was using the latest Unslung firmaware, but noticed that my NSLU2 was slow, so I reinstalled the V2.3R63 stock firmware. No change. Realized that I had noticed the problem after a PC rebuild, with a new mobo (P5NSLI), so I reinstalled the Marvell ethernet drivers. No change. Got a new cable between the PC and router. No change. Power cycle. No change. Changed IRPStackSize (sp?). No change. Removed the registry key to speed up shared folder browsing mentioned in another thread in this forum. No change. This thing has worked just fine for almost two years now.

    There are two other PCs on the network. They are not having any speed issues with the NSLU2 (no wireless). My PC is having no speed issues viewing their shared folders and copying files. The web interface to the NSLU2 is considerably faster than Explorer, though it is also slow to transfer files (730-780) KB/sec. It is far slower in Windows, though.

    Any help would be appreciated - though I wonder if this thing just needs to be replaced.

  6. LevelB

    LevelB Network Guru Member

    OK, got it working again, for now

    Should mention that getting a new NIC did not work.

    Upgrading to the R72 frimware did not work.

    Downgraded to the R25 firmware seems to have fixed the problem - still wondering why my other PCs on the LAN did not have the problem.

    Maybe this will help someone else...

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