Disable specific Ethernet jacks

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Kyusaku, Jul 22, 2010.

  1. Kyusaku

    Kyusaku Network Guru Member

    I want to only enable one of the ethernet jacks on router. To prevent casual connection hijacking on the router, is this possible? Using standard tomato firmware and the router is a WHR-HP-G54.
  2. humba

    humba Network Guru Member

    It's not disabling, but move the ports to another VLAN which has no access to the other VLANs.
  3. RonWessels

    RonWessels Network Guru Member

    Actually, you shouldn't even need to define another VLAN. Simply take those ports out of the existing bridged VLAN.

    I'm not sure what the VLAN setup is on the WHR-HP-G54, but go to the command prompt and look at nvram variables "vlan0ports", "vlan1ports" and "vlan2ports". Only two of those three should actually be defined. One of them should have 5 values and the other should have 2 values, where one value is in common between them. On the vlan*ports variable that has 5 values, remove 3 of them THAT AREN'T THE COMMON VALUE. You may also have to set the variable "manual_boot_nv" to 1 to prevent the boot process from resetting to the default values.
  4. Kiwi8

    Kiwi8 LI Guru Member

    Yup, this is a good solution. I also used it to change my WAN port to LAN port at one point in time. :)
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