Disable speedbooster.

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by leggomyeggo, Jan 26, 2005.

  1. leggomyeggo

    leggomyeggo Guest

    I am looking to disable speedbooster. I have had many problems running World of Warcraft, that I have isolated to the speedbooster technology. I was wondering if there is any way to disable it. Thanks for the time.
  2. cstgx

    cstgx Guest

    I have the exact same problem, if there is anyway to get rid of speedbooster lplease let me know
  3. mattpwill

    mattpwill Network Guru Member

    Just install a WRT54G firmware onto it. I need to do the same thing, but I can't install the firmware, like I used to be able to do. Tips anyone?

  4. Avenger20

    Avenger20 Network Guru Member

    Try this in Telnet
    nvram set wl_afterburner=off
    nvram set wl0_afterburner=off
    nvram commit
    Then reboot.
  5. omegax84

    omegax84 Network Guru Member

    Telnet responsed

    I am trying to do this telnet change, but it isn't working on my telnet. Wether I'm using the wrong telnet, or am not entering the information properly, or am not entering a previously required value before entering the nvram commands in, I can't seem to make it work. A step by step instructions guide would be wonderful if anyone could post a reply. As or right now, i tried using the I386 and the Winxp folder telnets, both do not recognize the nvram commands as of yet.
  6. pharma

    pharma Network Guru Member

    If nothing else has worked so far, try disabling speedbooster on you pci wireless card. Go to control panel -->system --> device manager --> network adapters --> highlite your card, right click and select properties. Choose advanced tab and find speedbooster property (enabled/disabled). See if disabling it will work.

  7. sefish00

    sefish00 Guest

    Step by step to disable Speedboost

    This does so makes some assumptions:

    1) you are using a WRT54GS Router
    2) you have upgraded the Firmware with HyperWRT
    3) and the previous mentioned settings are correct for doing this
    4) you are running Windows XP as you OS


    1) Start Browser with address:
    2) enter login and password for your Router
    3) select 'Administration' -> 'Telnet Daemon' -> 'Start Telnet'
    4) press on the Task Bar 'Start' -> 'Run' and type telnet
    5) in the telnet window, type: open
    6) at the '#' prompt, enter: 'nvram set wl_afterburner=off' and press 'Enter'
    7) again at the '#' prompt, enter: 'nvram set wl0_afterburner=off' and press 'Enter'

    Hope this helps

    I have just done these changes, will have to see how they work.
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