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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by _wb_, May 30, 2014.

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  2. kthaddock

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    Admin Access => Web Admin => SSH Daemon => Extended MOTD
  3. koitsu

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    This is not a Tomato/TomatoUSB question, this is a Busybox question.

    export LS_COLORS=none
    Taken from Busybox source for ls, see around line 1149.

    Colour is something supported per command, thus there is no guarantee you can "disable it" universally. Colour stuff in the MOTD file has no reliance on a command, and instead makes a blind assumption that the connecting terminal supports colour. This is a very bad/awful/horrible assumption. The default assumption should be that the connecting terminal does not support colour of any kind.

    Alternately if colour in general bothers you, consider using a terminal emulator that supports disabling colour support. For example, classic vt100 (rather than terminal types xterm, linux, cons25, etc.) does not support colour, but you may need to tweak/adjust settings in your terminal emulator to accomplish this. Some terminal emulators violate certain conventions/rules, such as supporting colour while using a vt100 term (and if they do, they should at least let you toggle that violation).
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