Disappointed in Warranty (RV016)

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by death_hawk, Oct 19, 2007.

  1. death_hawk

    death_hawk LI Guru Member

    I purchased this router back in August (21)of 2006.
    In the last couple weeks, it's been acting kind of funny. It locks up for no apparent reason. I've already updated the firmware to 2.0.17 with no luck.
    2.0.18 is out, but the update notes say that it doesn't actually fix anything, it's just for a CPU update.

    So I call Tech Support, and they tell me I'm pretty much SOL. They do give me an "Extended service option" for $29.95. What they won't tell me is what I get for $29.95. Basically I have to pay in order to find out.

    For being a commercial product, I'm VERY dissappointed in Linksys.
    I can see a non-commercial based router failing that close to warranty, but not a commercial product.

    I guess I'll be turning elsewhere for my routing needs.
  2. death_hawk

    death_hawk LI Guru Member

    I've also upgraded to the Beta firmware v2.0.20 with no success.

    I'm thinking it has a problem with DHCP. I'm gonna try offloading DHCP to another unit to see if that'll help out. Anyone else have any ideas?
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