Disconnecting when transferings big files over wifi

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by ZeroIQ, Nov 1, 2005.

  1. ZeroIQ

    ZeroIQ Network Guru Member

    Hi all!

    After some searching and not finding an answer to my problem I decided to just be bold and ask!

    I have a WRT54G v2.2 with dd-wrt 22r2 installed and everything works fine until I try to copy a big (50+ Mb) file over wifi on my windows network from a computer on a wired connection. It starts, stops, shows a disconnected wifi connection, finds the connection again after a few seconds and continues to work normally. Only the transfer gets interupted all the time!

    Can anyone help me?
  2. BrainSlayer

    BrainSlayer Network Guru Member

    sounds like a large file transfer problem which is fixed in v23.
    do the following
    go to the console with telnet or ssh
    and type
    nvram set clkfreq=216
    nvram commit

    but only if you dont own a WRT54G 1.0/1.1
  3. itsmeohmy

    itsmeohmy Network Guru Member

    Lots of people have that problem. I dont think there is any solution :( .

    Edit: Really? I will try that :thumb: . By the way, what version of v23 should i use on my gs1.1? I heard that some betas works great and others can even brick the router.
  4. BrainSlayer

    BrainSlayer Network Guru Member

    you can try the 27/10 or 01/11 from today. both are working well. these versions are automaticly overclocking the cpu if needed and i'm using gs 1.1 models too
  5. itsmeohmy

    itsmeohmy Network Guru Member

    Thats great! I flash it tomorrow :bow: .
  6. ZeroIQ

    ZeroIQ Network Guru Member

    Cool! It worked!

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