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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by razzo, Mar 22, 2007.

  1. razzo

    razzo LI Guru Member


    I recantly descoverd a problem when i tried to move a file frome one computer to another over WLAN. Sometimes it works just fine when i move small files, like an mp3, but if i try to move a movie over the WLAN it disconnects for about 30 seconds, very disturbing.

    Anyone got a sulotion?
  2. der_Kief

    der_Kief Super Moderator Staff Member Member


    maybe there is a poor wireless signal. Also there could be interference ( here is a list of sources for interferences). Have you tried different wireless channels ? For testing you should also reduce the distance between the wireless components. Maybe a driver update for the wireless devices in your computers may help.

  3. razzo

    razzo LI Guru Member

    The signal is good, around 70-80%.
    I have tryed several channels, and i get the same problem on all of them.
  4. mikester

    mikester Network Guru Member

    1. Try zipping the files to transfer only 1 file
    2. Check your wireless settings - i.e. 128bit encryption will slow things down, how many simultaneous wireless connections are going on, DTIM, packet length, RTS, do you have QOS enabled?, ...
    3. What OS are you using? Vista has some known issues with it's automatic packet optimization - shutting that off can help.

    Use a wired connection to move large (i.e.4GB) files - wireless can be a real dog.
  5. digitalgeek

    digitalgeek Network Guru Member

    There could be other issues casuing interferance, and just because your wireless computer is report 70-80% or "very good", these are of "low load" conditions and won't show you interference effects. I have seen where occasionaly (very occasionaly) my signal will drop and my speed will drop to 1meg or less after a minute or two if will correct itself and continue. check to see if your neighors have a 2.4 gig phone, and watch your signal while you run your microwave (just a couple examples).

    you might even want to check the XP qos under group policy editor (GPEDIT.MSC)

    under the computer configuration:
    look at adminstrative templates/network/QOS packet scheduler
    there is an item called "LIMIT RESERVABLE BANDWIDTH"
    set this to ENABLE and set the band width limit to 0%

    and keep in mind that there always minor interferences with wireless and you never always get a "perfect" connection. but if it is constanly slow or slugish you might want to take a look at everything that could effect it.

    you could look at the 7dbi antenna's to improve the signal. boosting the signal in advanced wireless will not always solve the problem, but sometimes make it worse

    [ I used to use a wireless video line of sight broadcaster to connect my pc to my tv... except everytime I used it I had now wireless networking (this was very annoying as it used 2.4g and 802.11) I have since sold it on ebay and installed a 50 foot cable. (computer is in the basement) ]
  6. razzo

    razzo LI Guru Member

    Looks like the problem was solved by clearing th NVRAM =)
  7. der_Kief

    der_Kief Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Reading the FAQ's before helps a lot :biggrin:

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