Disgrunted sveasoft (ex)subscribers! Join the Revolution!

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by ixian, Jul 14, 2005.

  1. ixian

    ixian Network Guru Member

    Gather yourself, the poor , exiled and disgrunted proletarian masses! The Revolution has come, and the tyrany of the imperialists shall be brough low in the name of the glorious people's revolution!

    Seriously, this is an roll call to all former sveasoft subscribers that has had their subscription canceled for an unfair or unjust reason.
    I'm interested in getting to know as many of my fellow victims as possible and I'd like to hear your personal stories!
    Of course anyone else how have run afoul of sveasoft's business practices are also welcome and especially other software projects are welcome to tell me their version.

    Since this is an public forum where the soreness and the threat of flamewars are high I asking people to pease post their stories to me privately. There is no reason to give anyone even the remotest chance of an reasonale excuse to complain on this thread.
    As this is an sensitive matter for some of you I guarantee anonymity for those that wish such an thing. (Baring massive large scale hacking of the University of Oslo's computer science institute's mailservers. 8) )
    Use an online email provider if additional guarantee of anonymity is wanted.

    Currently I'm interested in hearing as many stories as possible to se if my experience is symptomatic, but afterwards I've been thinking on asking some of you to enlist i an endeavour to change sveasoft's business practices. Any such endeavour shall be legitimate and will under no curcumstances involve any illegal, morally questionable or unetical activities.

    Write your story and your experience with sveasoft in an email and send it to me at my public university mail account heikkis [-o< matnat.uio.no.

    PS. If anyone wishes for my name, address and my current localtion on googlemaps I shall provide it regardless of their reasons. I have nothing to hide, and I'm not in the least scared by threatening emails, phonecalls or even people knocking on my door. :roll:
    On the other hand, I'm also happy to give it out to people that wan't to feel safer knowing I'm not an fictional entity.

    Sincerly, Heikki Soerum aka IXian.
  2. ravn

    ravn Network Guru Member

  3. vincentfox

    vincentfox Network Guru Member

    "Hi, my name is Vincent, and I'm a recovering SveaSoft user."
  4. ixian

    ixian Network Guru Member

    My name is Heikki, and I kicked my bad sveasoft habits after I started using methadone. *sic*
    Welcome to the ASUgroup. (Anonymous Sveasoft User)
    Seriously, if your really want to kick the bad habits and say goodbye to them. Check out
    this thread on the dd-wrt forum.

    IXian probe aka Heikki Soerum.
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