dlink card + wrt54g v.4 = 100 % cpu .. plz help...

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by ConeMan, Nov 25, 2005.

  1. ConeMan

    ConeMan Network Guru Member

    here is the thing guys..
    i have a dlink card for my laptop DWL G630 REV D.
    and i have a brand new router from linksys the wrt54g v.4..
    when i connect my card to the router my laptop cpu jump to 100 with no reson.
    no software is runung in the backround
    the connection is made from windows and NOT from the dlink software i have closed anything possible in the process list still nothing cpu is at full speed.
    i also checked network activity but nothing just when i disconnect from the network my laptop cp goes celow 10 %.
  2. danielhaden

    danielhaden Network Guru Member

    I've seen that a lot with D-Link client adapters. It doesn't matter whether your router is Linksys, D-Link, Netgear, Edimax, still the D-Link client adapter will make your CPU get hot. Unfortunately, the D-Link product is a high profit "parasite peripheral" that uses "host mode processing" so that D-link can make more profit by putting less hardware into their products (loads up the computer's cpu with the job that should be done by the card). For my D-Link Wireless client adapters, the newer drivers available at the Taiwan site covered up CPU usage, yet the CPU temperature would go down whenever D-Link was disconnected.

    I recommend that you replace the card with:

    Which is a broadcom afterburner (speedbooster) card.
    Also, take a trip over to the forums at hyperwrt.org (where you can find me) to learn how to load Thibor's release for the GS onto your WRT54G V4 hardware and convert it to a GS. ;) Broadcom, the exact same company that made the insides of your Linksys, has full on-board processing and will not load up your CPU.

    If network throughput (transferring files between 2 computers) isn't very interesting, then forget the speedbooster technology and use this card instead:
    Which is a RAlink based card that works at 54G with all of the latest features in windows or Linux. It consumes very little battery power and is never a cause of trouble. RAlink's web site offers the latest drivers. It is also natively compatible with Windows XP and does not require a utility to make a steady, unstoppable connection. The performance on throughput is slightly slower than D-Link; however, it is an unnoticable amount. RAlink has full on-board processing and will not load up your CPU.
  3. ConeMan

    ConeMan Network Guru Member


    thank you for the reply :)
    i just needed to be sure its a hardware problem.
    about buying another card.. well its seems i have no choice but to pay extra for the shiping and all (i'm from israel).
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