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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SAPo57, Apr 27, 2006.

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    Can DMZ and port range forwarding be used at the same time or will the different IP address given by DMZ not let port forwarding forward ports to the LAN IP given from the router to the PC(in Router's DHCP IP addresse range)?

    I have two routers from two entirely different companies.

    The linksys RT41 wired broadband router can have DMZ & Port Range Forwarding use the LAN IP of a PC connected to it (im guessing DMZ would change the device's IP but it doesn't show, so both options seem to use the PC's same IP address at the same time). Although, everything does work fine.

    The WESTELL 6100 router/modem lets you setup DMZ for a device and actually changes the IP address to a public class A address, but when port forwarding is used at the same time using the PC's LAN IP address(issued by the router's DHCP not the DMZ address) the device receives connection errors.

    *Note: for the westell modem when DMZ is set to a device the device doesn't appear on the LAN IP table and cannot have port forwarding as the router cannot find the device, so port forwarding is setup before DMZ is enabled. The device can connect to the internet, but since port forwarding is used it recieves VOIP data errors, authentication errors, and DNS errors,too(usually when I'm playing online games).
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