DMZ/Port forwarding wont work: Tomato on Linksys WTR54G v3.0

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by cooltoad, May 7, 2009.

  1. cooltoad

    cooltoad Addicted to LI Member

    Running tomato 1.23 on my WTR54G v3.0 router. Everything else works flawlessly, but I am unable to make the DMZ work or forward any of the ports. Let me explain better.

    I have 3 computers on the network, the one hardwired into the router I have set up so I can connect to it remotely from work. Anyway I recently upgraded to the Tomato 1.23 firmware for the QoS features which have worked out great, but I soon noticed that I was unable to connect remotely anymore.

    I checked my settings and the DMZ was active (even the light was active on the router) I checked everything I could think of and nothing seems like it should be stopping me from connecting. Nothing has changed on any of the computers so I know they are still set up correctly.

    I used one of those port scanner websites to check my IP address and every single port was closed... when the DMZ was active.... that should not be the case. I turned off all my firewalls, rebooted the router, took every possible step, unsafe or not, to expose my ports through my new IMPENETRABLE router but I still cannot get any ports out into the world wide web for sharing.

    After searching through these forums, it looks like there have been other people who have also had this problem, but I dont see any resolution? Please help!
  2. cooltoad

    cooltoad Addicted to LI Member

    got it working!
    cleared the nram and reloaded the drivers, woot.
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