DNS Fails with Xbox LIVE

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by wally_dog, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. wally_dog

    wally_dog Addicted to LI Member


    Today I flashed my WRT54G v1 with the newest Tomato firmware. My router is connected to a desktop in my office. My Xbox 360 is one floor down, and connects to Xbox LIVE through a Windows XP Laptop using a Linksys WPC54GS wireless card. I do this using an CAT5 Ethernet Cable to connect my Xbox 360 to the laptop, and I have the wireless network set to sharing. Ever since I flashed Tomato to the router, I haven't been able to connect to Xbox LIVE because it fails when it is testing the DNS settings. After I flashed the router, I didn't change any settings (I did reset the NVRAM and the necessary setting changes), except for the Transmit Power, which I set to 84 instead of the default 42. Can anyone please assist me with this? I recently bought a subscription to Xbox LIVE and I would like to be able to use it before it expires. I would like to put it out that I like Tomato too much to switch back to the stock Linksys firmware, because Tomato just gives me too much that stock doesn't. Thank you so much for your patience with reading this!

  2. bripab007

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    First off, what firmware were you running before you flashed to Tomato?

    Secondly, you'll probably break your router's Wi-Fi card by doubling the transmit power.
  3. wally_dog

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    Before I flashed to Tomato, I was using the stock Linksys firmware, and I had never updated that. And 84 is a safe value for the router, according to Patrick Norton at www.systm.org


    Another weird thing I forgot to mention was that the old Wi-Fi network in our house, Linksys (the name of it) still shows up if I want to connect to it, however it never fully connects to it... how do I remove the old network from the list of available networks to connect to?
  4. bripab007

    bripab007 Network Guru Member

    Do you think doubling the stock transmit power is safe for the Wi-Fi chipset?

    So your old Wi-Fi SSID is still showing up to your wireless devices? Something's definitely not right here.

    First off, did you clear your NVRAM both before and after the flash? If you did not do it after the flash, go ahead and do it now. Secondly, before doubling your transmit power, how about you just run it at stock power and see how it works first; at the very least, you should run at mostly stock settings in Tomato for at least a short time to make sure no strange anomalies arise from the new firmware (like old SSIDs still being broadcast). What reason do you have for so drastically increasing the transmit power anyway?

    As for the DNS issue with Xbox Live, I don't know enough about Windows' internet connecting sharing to fully speculate. I have used a hacked Fonera Wi-Fi device as a wireless client with no problems. I'm sorry, but someone with more experience with Windows ICS experience will probably have to chime in.
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