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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by noremacyug, Dec 1, 2013.

  1. noremacyug

    noremacyug Reformed Router Member

    so, i'm connecting my router as a client to a vpn service via openvpn. when connected to the vpn, i couldn't send email because the vpn service blocked smtp.mail.me.com. after contacting my vpn's customer support they have whitelisted one of the the ip addresses of smtp.mail.me.com ( so now, if i edit the outgoing server setting on the mail client on my mac and use the whitelisted ip, i can send mail whilst connected to the vpn. what i'd like to do though, is to set the router to redirect any request from any connected client, from smtp.mail.me.com to it was suggested via the vpn's forum that DNSMASQ could accomplish this. if that's the case, can anyone please tell me how to make it so. if not, is there any other function that i can use to make this work?

    i'm running shibby's build 1.28.0000 MIPSR2-114 K26AC USB AIO-64K on a asus rt-ac66r.

    thanks in advance.
  2. noremacyug

    noremacyug Reformed Router Member

    anyone? i know some guru out there can lend some advice.
  3. Almaz

    Almaz Networkin' Nut Member

    Just copy and paste in Administration -> Scripts -> WanUP. Let us know how it works for you.
    touch /etc/mylist
    echo "address=/smtp.mail.me.com/" >> /etc/mylist
    touch /etc/dnsmasq.custom
    echo "conf-file=/etc/mylist" >> /etc/dnsmasq.custom
    service dnsmasq restart
    Restart your router
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  4. Goggy

    Goggy Network Guru Member

    inserting "address=/smtp.mail.me.com/" (without quotes) in the dnsmasq custom configuration under Advanced / DHCP/DNS should be sufficient
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  5. noremacyug

    noremacyug Reformed Router Member

    very good! i will give these a go and see how they fair. is there an advantage to one method over the other?

    i had actually made a stab at this prior to creating this thread. what i had done was:

    -created a file called hosts.txt and placed it on a thumb drive attached to the router
    -in the file i added " smtp.mail.me.com" (minus the quotes of coarse)
    -i then went to the "dnsmasq custom config" box located at advanced->dhcp/dns and added "addn-hosts=/tmp/mnt/FLASH/Host/hosts.txt"

    This method continually returned errors in the logs.
  6. noremacyug

    noremacyug Reformed Router Member

    for whatever reason, neither of the supplied methods seem to be working either. the mail still just sits in my outbox.

    i just altered my clients outgoing server again to make sure the ip was still valid. soon as i made the change everything was working perfectly again. so the ip is valid and is being allowed through my vpn.

    i also just ssh'd into the router and verified that the files were being created and contained the proper text inside of them. all looks good. i'm not getting what's going on...... or not going on i guess.
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  7. noremacyug

    noremacyug Reformed Router Member

    GOT IT!!!

    after some more "bing"ing i found that someone mentioned an outgoing address of p03-smtp.mail.me.com. i recalled that the incoming server on my mail app had a "p" number in front of the imap address as well. perhaps this is a server assignment or something....... i dunnno. in any event, after putting "address=/p17-smtp.mail.me.com/" in the dnsmasq custom field i can now send email whilst connected to my vpn.

    Thanks again you guys. I suspect that Almaz's suggestion would work as well now that i have the correct address.
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